A very cool use of Twitter

The other day I gave you a resource–a free e-book–for how to use Twitter. About the same time, I was reading Penny Sansevieri's newsletter, which mentioned this incredibly clever use of Twitter:

Someone is tweeting a cookbook! That's right. Recipes in 140 characters or less.

There aren't even any links to longer instructions. Ingredients, amounts, everything . . . it's all right there. And she has 1842 followers at this point.

IMO, this is the most creative use of Twitter  I've seen. And the information is useful. Useful, practical=more followers. I see a book deal in her future!

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3 thoughts on “A very cool use of Twitter”

  1. That’s so funny. 🙂 And a very creative use of Twitter. Thanks for that link the other day, I’m about half way through the book.

  2. It’s been fun to follow cookbook on Twitter and to read the recipes in 140 words or less. I especially thought the blueberry pizza was very creative. Speaking of Twitter, I just learned about a micro blogging site for artists, based in the UK and associated with Art Review magazine. It’s called Art Buzz. http://artbuzz.artreview.com/

  3. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Lyn: Please report back to us and let us know about the site. I want to know if I should recommend it. I just hate overloading people (altho I’m very good at it!).

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