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Some highlights from the past week on Twitter.

RT @coloradodude U might find @DooneyStudio interesting if u are not already a follower; interesting ideas and experiences re marketing art

I dreamed that my Mini was portable. When I couldn't drive into a certain area (like up stairs), I could shake its handle & it would collapse!

Got your rum, mint, and simple syrup ready for mint juleps on Saturday? It's Derby Day!

Put your art on every page of your website. Use all the virtual real estate you have! No reason not to add it to your contact, etc. pages.

Aaargh! PLEASE personalize your FB and, especially, your LinkedIn invitations! Gonna go to my grave screaming about this!

@JenPhillipsArt Re personalizing: Not relying on default FB/LinkedIn "please connect" greeting. Say why you're connecting–how u know them

Great post by Harriete Estel Berman on fair use of trademarked big-company logos http://bit.ly/RwxxU

Writing letter to columnist who featured a dealer that suggested people barter with artists on the last day of a festival. I was horrified!

I think there is a HUGE difference between how lower-tier and upper-tier gallerists behave and the advice they give.

Nightmare: At 1 of my workshops, everyone was talking and wouldn't pay attention to me. AND, they HAD to have "entertainment breaks" !!!
[Note: There was some confusion about this after I tweeted it, with several people thinking it really happened. No, it didn’t. It was just a bad dream.]

Blocking person with a single photo who followed me under about 8 dif names. Hope that's okay. That reeks of a spammer to me.

RT @lizamyers: just discovered @ThoreauPage. Can you hear my deep sigh of relief? | Oh, this is lovely! Thanks, Liza.

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