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Some highlights from the past week on Twitter.

Adding “time” to my marketing plan for artists. I think “time” is an issue for everyone and should be taken into consideration.

Everyone that comes to Estes Park is getting a copy of IRBITS. FREE! I just decided!

Best for online sales/promotions other than yr own sites? 1000markets, etsy, cafepress, guild, and ???

@danielsroka You've had good luck through ArtfulHome?

@ovac Wow OKC arts festival and NO rain? How is that possible?

@tina_m (and others who like cool cycling videos) a different kind of cycling artist http://tinyurl.com/c56el3

Exploring workshop in Dallas for the fall–along with Asheville.

@tsitra meeting room for 40-80 in DFW area–preferably in between the two metro areas

RT @anniesalness: fine line between pushing to be productive and becoming stressed and overwhelmed! | AMEN! U have 2 take care of yourself

@lisacall I love that book! Need to re-read Don't Make Me Think. Great for good Web content and design.

Avoid frumpy-looking photos of yourself online. We want to see energy, enthusiasm, creativity in your pics!

When u announce stuf on the Web, don't forget the city+state/province. Most of yr visitors will probably not know where u are!

Just got off phone w/ @VisualPoetry re possible workshop in Asheville next fall. Yippeee!

Watched “Modigliani” over the weekend. LOVED this movie. Aside from plot/dialog, beautiful movie. Husband also gave it the thumbs up.

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