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Some highlights from the past week on Twitter.

Ordering 100% recycled presentation notebooks

Be sure your contact info is EASY to find on your website and blog–IF you want to sell your art

Always provide more than 1 way for people to contact you. Don't depend solely on email.

@gapingvoid Referred to his buyers as “users” and pointed to this interesting blog post he had written previously to explain it further. I related it to something I wrote previously, but am still not crazy about the word “user.” It's an interesting premise.

@gapingvoid Still not fond of being an art “user.” To me, “user” implies that it's functional. I'm not seeing it.

@gapingvoid @clintavo Just went back and read everything and I embrace the premise of art as social object, tho still don't like “user.”

@gapingvoid @clintavo I wrote previously about artists forming a community around their art | starting dialog http://bit.ly/2VcUhv

Wanting to book a couple more workshops for the fall. Portland still a possibility. Would also like to do NC, GA, or SC.

[I received invitations to consider Arizona, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina, Canada, Massachusetts and more. Wanna  host a workshop?]

@JuliaKirt Yea for talking about biz skills to BFA grads at OU. Do u think they should offer it BEFORE April of their senior year? (Snark)

Fed up with Apple Mail hyperlinking URLs before I'm finished typing them out. Don't see it as a preference. Anyone know anything about this?

@EllenSoffer Your new postcard looks fantastic! I know u'll sell that ptg just like u've sold the other ptgs on the fronts of yr postcards!

RT @farringtonphoto: Random Photo Quote Of The Day-“My portraits r more about me than they r about the people I photograph”-Richard Avedon

RT @artnetdotcom: RT @ArtinGeneral Are you an aspiring art collector with not a lot of money? Adopt! http://fineartadoption.net

Is it okay that the gov of CA is encouraging kids to “play on sculpture” ? http://bit.ly/hjRWO

20+ reasons for artists to write a press release from @barneydavey http://bit.ly/K7egq

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3 thoughts on “@abstanfield Tweekly”

  1. On the subject of recycled paper, if you Google ’embedded seed paper’ you get a bunch of companies making paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds, that can be printed or written on, & when the person gets it they can plant the paper & the flowers grow…(the paper biodegrades)…
    Also, elephant dung paper, made of, well, real elephant dung, is also novel & proceeds go to caring for the elephants…(also a few suppliers online)…

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Sari: I’ve been the lucky recipient of notes written on “seeded paper.” It’s cool stuff, although I can’t say I ever tried to plant it.

    Eric: Follow away!

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