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Is Etsy still viable? CNN 7/14 article  (yes, I'm very slow!)Thx to @robinpedrero

Near LA? The movie Local Color (about an artist) is playing for 1 wk starting Friday! http://bit.ly/3injN

RT @PDXCulture: RT @mosaicglobe: New Jersey Arts funds sliced to the bone http://is.gd/1SMwU

Twitter Bird

RT @Loriwords: @Fasobuzz: How artist, Brian Kliewer sold 75 paintings in 100 days to his email newsletter subscribers.

Check out this 2006 article on what happened after #dekooning ‘s death per question from @EmilyStedman

RT @barneydavey: Yes, @outspokenartist, it's true Artexpo Las Vegas and Decor Expo Atlanta have both canceled Sept. 2009 shows.

Need to anagram something? http://wordsmith.org/anagram Fun to do your name

Public art is informed by all kinds of people. Want to get into public art? Read Dennis Oppenheim's experiences

Another newsletter translated into Hebrew: http://bit.ly/2OKppA & if don't read Hebrew  “Stop & Then Get to Work”

Art history is a history of individuals. Inject yourself into your art and make it your own.

RT @mariabrophy: Work Smarter, not Harder – How to License Your Art Part 1

See Lisa's pre-sale! Great idea. RT @lisacall: Introduction to the South African Arts & Crafts Tour

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