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Need to have a marketing talk with yourself? Check out this dialog WITH Big Mind Marketing from @RobertMiddleton

Heartbreaking account of the damage US Troops did to Babylon's cultural treasures. Wash Post

Twitter Bird

Check out another one of Daniel Foster's amazing videos for artist Ayad Alkadhi. Engaging video! < 2 min.

RT @artnetdotcom: Field Museum's Egyptian bust at is “dead ringer” for Michael Jackson, complete with disfigured nose http://bit.ly/K1Pfl

Reporters interviewed about Annie Leibovitz financial mess on CNBC

Just signed up for 8/13 social bookmarking teleseminar with @PublicityHound Been waiting for this one!

RT @GuyKawasaki: 10 ugliest cars ever built: http://om.ly/?DgvO AC –>I love bad design lists!

Still don't understand how it works, but I figure if I just keep typing and clicking, something good will eventually come of it. (Alysonism)

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  1. Sadly, nowhere in the Annie Leibovitz cast did anyone mention the large amount of money Annie had to come up with (partly by giving away rights to her artwork) because of inheritance tax when her partner died. While not the entire problem behind her debt it was a major factor recently. This is because the USA does not recognize same sex longtime relationships the same way it does heterosexual marriages or common-law partnerships. Fortunately in Europe it’s against human rights legislation to discriminate that way. The political is personal.

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