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Artists: Have you had a Holy Sh*t moment? Where a misunderstanding became a breakthrough? http://bit.ly/cUSrn1 via @jerrysaltz

You can subscribe to any URL in Google Reader , like http://artbizcoach.com/classes and see when it's updated

RT Compare email servers for distributing your artist newsletters. Thx @kitchen_knife !

Sitting for hours at a time leads to slower metabolism and other problems. Yikes! I'm outta here. NYT
Twitter Bird
Denver area artists interested in public art commissions should check out this seminar- Mar 13-14 http://bit.ly/9EZjEj

Love the way Barbara Wisnoski has done “in situ” & detail images in her Portfolio:

Used Bill Baren's Power Hour this morning to get writing done. Works great for focus!

Artists should seize the business initiative. Financial Times

Artists: Don't forget to title your exhibitions! If it's a solo show, use your name in the title.

RT @BretInVancouver If all else fails, there's always the random exhibition title generator

RT @ovac: I curse you clip frames. I know you're cheap, but you aren't sturdy or too good looking <<Here here!

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