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Looking for a new color palette for your art, website, or blog? Try Colour Lovers. It’s addicting!


Don't use the word “local” artist online–anywhere–unless you identify with a particular geography. Geo boundaries don't apply online. Saying “I'm a local artist” is ridiculous on a website.
Sarah Jessica Parker's Work of Art reality show starts June 9. This is one reality show I won't miss.
Twitter Bird
Seth Godin gives good advice for how to send a personal email. I'm a fan of #3 on that list.
Watch the art:21 video of installation of ginormous paintings by Julie Mehretu. There's so much to consider when painting really, really big.
Doing business on a handshake is risky. Chicago Art Magazine shows that a contact can help artists and art institutions eliminate future headaches and hard feelings.
Kesha Bruce was prepared for gallerist's inquiry with a couple things she learned from my classes.
When's the last time you updated your LinkedIn status? And have you checked out the Art Business group there?
Artists: Aim for using an image of your art with each blog post.
Cedar Lee shares a video of her art pricing strategy–guidance for when you don't know where to begin.
An artist said I could use her images with proper credit, but she doesn't even have size, medium, © on her own site. Remember to treat your artwork as you want others to treat it.
Artists: If your images load too slowly, Google could penalize you.


Facebook has now changed from FAN pages to LIKE pages. I don’t know what to think about this.

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