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I don't seem to have used Twitter as much this past week, but–looking back–there are some terrific resources here for you just in case you missed them on Twitter.

Catching up on old ArtsJournals.com and the Jerry Saltz/MoMA debate–2 weeks late.

RT @artbiz2day: "Use Their Work Free? Some Artists Say No to Google" NY Times

Fun endorsement of my Blast Off class (the pic with hearts cracks me up!)

Alternative to evite.com: Paperless Post in NY Times

Just got anncmt of another gallery closing, but no city mentioned (my peeve!). Artists, aren't you glad you don't have all that overhead?

On NY Times, double click on any word inside any story and a question mark pops up. Click on the ? and the definition appears!

Got Dad one of these cool windsock spinners for Father's Day. Must get it in the mail today!

IRBITS (I'd rather be in the studio!) stuff from CaféPress arrived. A couple of small tweaks and then they'll be ready 4 ur buying pleasure

"Good ideas come with a heavy burden, which is why so few people execute them. So few people can handle it." Ignore Everybody fr @gapingvoid

A couple of quotes from our Twitter book club, which is reading de Kooning: An American Master:

For #dekooning, being a painter meant "meeting full force the professional standard set by great Western painters old and new." pg141

"Everything is already in art, like a big bowl of soup" #dekooning pg 139

Follow the conversation about de Kooning.

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2 thoughts on “@abstanfield Tweekly”

  1. Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

    Alyson, what do you think the direct benefit of Twitter is for the artist trying to market themselves, vs. email? I just do not see where Twitter makes a great marketing tool, am I missing something?

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