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Some of the highlights from this past week on Twitter. Get them real-time by following me.

@ovac Know of any photogs who take fantastic, creative portraits in OKC or nearby?

If you have a cat, you'll get a kick out of this F Minus comic strip! (If that link isn't about cats, look for the May 12 issue–the links change daily!)

RT @PublicityHound: 45 blog post ideas that always generate buzz

If u r grieving, I recommend reading the wise comments on this post. I and the original letter writer are deeply moved.

@lisacall I far prefer "intimate art" to "small art." "Small" doesn't seem to jive with your Expansive theme for 2009.

RT @joanie_s_c: RT @artnetdotcom: Middlebury Museum? "Making Sense of Thomas Kinkade" >>Oh, I'd love to see this one!

For artist-designers on a big scale: Trade Only Design Library looks promising (and I'm just now seeing it!)

@tsitra My shopping cart and newsletter are provided/sent through http://1automationwiz.com

@sallyaevans I love the term "Idea Jogger"! Can't wait to hear more about it.

RT @dakkid: Google has an option called SmartFeed that will optimize your feedburner feed for Atom as well as RSS. >>Thank you! That helps.

I think I had a Duh moment. Google bought Feedburner? I never moved my FB account to Google. Will that be a problem when I look for stats?

Making new graphics and links for my affiliates. Become an affiliate.

I'm thinking it might be better for the Art Marketing Action newsletter to go out on Tues or Wed. I'm thinking a lot of other things, too.

Nice roundup of valuable Twitter feeds in Denver area from the Decider 

RT @JourneyJuju: New Holiday declared: Holy Body Day, May 22nd. Spread the word! 

I love a man in a suit, so why am I suspicious of suits on Twitter?

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