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Had tea and GF pumpkin bread today at Pekoe Sip House in Origins in Cherry Creek, Denver w/ @CoachRachelle. Great place to relax!

@EllenSoffer is proof that baby steps add up. Nothing comes instantly, but each small action gets you closer to your goal. Persevere!

Anyone have an online resource with guidelines/contract for sending art out on spec?

@Joy_Alyssa_Day I'd like to put one of your beautiful bowls on top of Dharma (yelping cat) to muzzle her up. Are they sound proof?

RT @lizamyers: RT @Pogue: New proverb: "The wise man Googles before he tweets." >> Imagine reading that sentence 30 years ago!

New favorite word: Zowie! Came in my inbox in 2 different messages today. Love it!

Can someone convince me that "Out of office" auto replies are necessary rather than evil?

Listening to awesome new find on Pandora Internet radio: Jazz Fusion. Try it!

Artists: smARTist Telesummit 2009 is now available as MP3 audio and PDF downloads!

Another bugaboo: Just got an email announcement to come see a "local artist"–in Sacramento. That's not local for me! Watch yr email habits.

@allisonfineart Good point adding USA to your emails. We ARE an international bunch, aren't we?

Heartfelt ideas for Mothers Day from @coachoncall>>What Mom really wants; (Mothers Day is this Sunday!)

RT @lisacall: Re: auto follow responses: http://bit.ly/ZuZE >> You win! I just disabled the auto response for new followers

Scary, energizing, educational video about technology and population on Kit Vincent's blog

JUST discovered http://artistswhoblog.blogs… Mostly designer-artists that I've seen so far. I enjoy the concept.

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