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Harriete Estel Berman gave me the idea for today's Art Marketing Action newsletter about snapping action shots for your Web site. There are some terrific shots on Harriete's site. Be sure to click on all of the pictures of her studio (non-action shots). It's just fun to see what she has in there.

These aren't all action shots, but Michael Shane Neal has some nice photos of his studio on his site. And wouldn't you if your studio looked like that?! He also has tons of photos with VIPs, including these at his unveiling of Senator Robert C. Byrd's portrait.

Here are some pics of Anne Leuck Feldhaus in her studio. A nice shot of Daniel Sroka showing how he sets up a photo.

Photo of Harriete Estel Berman in her studio by Aryn Shelander.

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12 thoughts on “Action Shots for Your Art Website”

  1. This is great advice, and something that my mother taught me when I was young – when I came back from a school trip to NYC with hundreds of photos of trees, buildings, and views out the bus window. I had a photo session recently and even though the action shots were silly, when I got them into Photoshop to choose I still liked them best. Action shows personality.

  2. Thanks for the mention Alyson. Yeah, it was a funny challenge photographing myself taking photographs. Very Escher-esque. It look maybe half an hour to get the right expression on my face, where it actually looked like I was concentrating on the subject in the photo, and not on taking my own picture! I also added a few step-by-step shots that show how my work happens at

  3. I agree about action shots. I have one “staged” head shot I use a lot, but I recently had a “blog interview” and I searched through my photos for action shots to include with the interview. Most of them are of me teaching or demonstrating. I liked the look of me “in action” so I added to my about me info on my website. Click through the tabs for different shots.

  4. Anne Leuck Feldhaus

    Thanks for including my me Alyson. This truly works, in January I was interviewed by the Chicago Sun Times in an article about how local artist’s made over their studio spaces. The reporter did not know my current space was not a makeover, she went back to her editor and they reframed the story because they wanted to publish the action shots I had on my website.

  5. Wow, I’m salivating over Michael Shane Neal’s studio windows! I love looking at pics of artists’ studios and work processes. I’ve included still photo demos and slideshows on my site and blog, but not with me in the frame. Not too long ago we filmed a video tour of my then current studio show, and I got some really nice feedback from it. We’re working on a video demo too, but video editing is a bit of a learning curve for us, so it’s taking a while longer than I’d like.

  6. Michael Shane Neal is one of the nicest guys around, and a super hard worker, not to mention the fact that he’s an amazingly talented artist. My painting style is nothing like his, but I really admire him. His studio is amazing! I love those huge windows, and when he paints at night or on cloudy days, he has Ott lights between the windows that create artificial sunlight. His studio is right behind/next to his house. I’m currently working on a series of blog posts that are charting my progress on a piece I’m working on right now: I need to post a follow-up since I’ve done quite a bit of work on it since this post, but I’ve been careful to document each session. The hard part has been properly photographing the art, getting the colors and values just right. As for videos, my friend Samantha has posted a video of her work here: She has some other videos elsewhere… Great post!

  7. I have to agree… I’ve included some photos of me knitting in strange locations that stunned on-lookers snapped candidly, then offered to me for my website, which I put up on the “About” page: It seemed silly to ignore the enthusiasm these folks felt for seeing me “live & in action”, so I posted them, imagining others might feel the same. Because the photos show me knitting in odd venues, it’s also a peek into my other interests (playing hockey, hearing live folk music), adding another possible way to connect. And since my website is not really set up for sales, connection is my primary concern and hope for the site.

  8. My husband just recently found my interview with the Rocky Mountain PBS that they will be using for this years Highlighted Artists for the Art Auction in April. I sent the link to my daughter in New York (who does my website) and she wanted to know if I wanted it on my webite. I said “Sure, why not.” Not thinking it was all that exciting, I have had some great feedback and have since thought it was a great idea, especially for people who don’t know me or what I look like. It also gives people a view of why I do what I do and maybe why they should buy my art. My website is if you want to check it out.

  9. Michael Shane Neal

    HI Alyson! Thanks so much for the mention and for visiting my site. I have found folks are interested in action shots. I have them peppered around my site, especially under my procedure page. I also add photos from my workshops. I think it helps those interested in taking a class. They can see just how the workshops are set up. Always nice to know what to expect. Hope to see you soon!

  10. Maeona L. Urban

    I agree my portrait style photo is boring and I took your advice. I now have a very “Big” action photo. I purchased those brushes in a second hand store on a vacation trip. Thank you for the inspiring advice.

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