An artist in the holiday spirit

Kudos to Stephen Stavast, who is offering a gallery discount to anyone who brings in a donation to Toys for Tots.

No, it's not a huge discount. That's not the point. The point is that it puts a worthy charitable organization in front of his list. Each act of philanthropy encourages other philanthropists and makes you a valuable part of your community.

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1 thought on “An artist in the holiday spirit”

  1. The donation of toys and some of special things for kids is great gift for them. The encourage the students for study and help to others. The gallery are given with discount rate and wonderful offer for me. Thanks for your discount rate. I have some gallery for my photo shop and company. The other philanthropy is possible means give a demo for me. I am very existed for your reply here. Good database designs and blog is also nice for me. Thanks for your post here. It is more valuable and good for all readers

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