Art Festival Resources: Top Advice

I recently asked on Facebook and Twitter what your favorite resources are for successful art festivals.
I wasn't really interested in resources for applying to art festivals, but in where you find tips (other than word of mouth) on  improving your participation in and sales from festival experiences.

Diana Ferguson jewelry
Diana Ferguson, Handmade Sterling Silver MultiLink Chain Link Necklace.

Janice Zindel and Diana Ferguson recommend Art Fair Insiders. Janice adds, “and (and related Yahoo! group) for photographers (but good general info, too).”
Diana adds: Art Fair Sourcebook and The Art Festival Newsletter.
Michael Goettee: “If you're in the South, the Ronay Guide has always been the best source for information on art and other festivals. Bill and Camille Ronay are wonderful folks, too. I don't participate in art festivals, but know several who rely on this site.” His recommendation was seconded by others.
I don't see that anyone recommended Sunshine Artist or The Crafts Report (now Handmade Business).

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6 thoughts on “Art Festival Resources: Top Advice”

  1. Art Fair Insiders ( has a related site listing art
    festivals and shows. You can also subscribe to listings for your part of the country and others, at
    I was also just reading a featured artist article at, for small business. self-publishing. e-commerce.

  2. I rely heavily on Art Fair Insiders as well. I tried Sunshine Artist and Crafts Report in the past. I didn’t find Sunshine Artist to be particularly helpful, as most of the show reviews were out-of-date and out of my geographic target area. Crafts Report has some good general business articles, but few specifics about festival equipment or individual shows. AFI lets you get the info straight from the artists and craftspeople who are out doing the shows. You can’t find everything there, but combined with some solid research on my end it has made starting to do festivals a whole lot easier.

  3. Oops. Hit post too quickly. I forgot to mention that I always talk with other artists at the shows I do or that I’m attending as a shopper. I’ve gotten some good insight on everything from materials for my work to which shows are worth doing. And I don’t just talk with those who are using the media as I am. I chat with anyone who’s willing to be constructive.

  4. In addition to Art Fair Source Book and (mostly from the Yahoo forum), I get most of my best advice by watching and/or talking to other artists at shows.
    I’m surprised that no one has mentioned Maria Arango’s excellent book “Art Festival Guide: The Artist’s Guide to Selling in Art Festivals”. It’s a comprehensive guide from someone who’s been there — covering everything from practical tips for getting started to sales and marketing tips. Available lots of places, but on Amazon at
    There’s also this great resource online called ArtBizBlog by Alyson Stanfield and her related marketing tips and guides. Oh, wait . . . .
    But seriously, no list of resources would be complete without this one. It’s just as applicable to the Art Fair world as it is to every other aspect of art marketing.

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