Artist helping pandas and earthquake victims in China

Richard Heisler is auctioning off this watercolor and colored pencil work on paper to help the pandas and people affected by the earthquake in China. (c) The Artist

When he sent me this press release, artist Richard Heisler had no idea that I have a huge soft spot in my heart for pandas. Thanks, Richard, for doing this!

Artist Richard Heisler is auctioning work to raise funds to assist the Pandas International nonprofit organization in their efforts to provide much needed supplies to the earthquake stricken are of Wolong, China. Wolong is a very remote village located just kilometers from the epicenter of the recent major earthquake and is home to  the China Research and Conservation Center for the Giant Panda and the Wolong Nature Reserve. Pandas International has been an important sponsor of the Panda Center providing veterinary supplies and equipment to help with care, breeding, study and conservation of the Giant Panda at Wolong. Since the recent earthquake Pandas International has been supplying direct aid to both the pandas of the center and the people of the village of Wolong. Just prior to the earthquake, Pandas International shipped to the center a 9 month supply of milk formula for feeding the young panda cubs, and which is currently a very valuable resource for the staff there, since all the veterinary and housing facilities were damaged or destroyed in the earthquake. Pandas International also has provided more than 6000 pounds of medical supplies since the earthquake DIRECTLY to the people of Wolong through their established connections with Chinese officials and the Red Cross. Doctors are veterinarians are working side by side at all hours to see to the care of the highly endangered pandas and the devastated people of the area. It will take years and large amounts of financial and material support to return the area of Wolong and the giant panda research and breeding facilities to their pre-earthquake state.

Seattle based artist Richard Heisler is passionate about Giant Panda conservation and is lending his support to the efforts of Pandas International through an online auction of recent work. This auction is taking place through Ebay Giving Works by which proceeds are directly provided to Pandas International. The auction begins May 31st and concludes on June 10th. Registering to bid through Ebay is simple and secure and proceeds are guaranteed to reach Pandas International quickly. Donations for this auction are tax-deductible and receipt/documentation is provided by Ebay Giving Works. To view the auction follow this link:  Pandas International Auction

Richard Heisler is known for his highly detailed,
photographically realist painting. Heisler's work is included in
notable private collections across the United States and in Europe. His
work is represented to galleries throughout the United States and in
Europe. Recently, his work has been featured in exhibitions at the
LaGrange Museum of Art in Georgia and the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art in
Indiana. Heisler's work is represented by the M.A. Doran Gallery,
Oklahoma; Gallery DePaul, Pennsylvania; Anthony Brunelli Fine Art, New
York; Gallerie Persterer/International Art Management, Zurich

For more information on the Pandas International organization or artist Richard Heisler, please visit the following websites:

To contact Richard Heisler for an interview, please call 206.547.1561 or email


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2 thoughts on “Artist helping pandas and earthquake victims in China”

  1. Hi Alyson,
    I don’t usually write email comments, but this subject touches my heart!

    Last year my husband and I travelled to China for the 3rd time. The Wolong Panda Reserve was on our original itinerary but sadly that didn’t happen for obvious reasons. The earthquake was so very devastating to the region! Instead we visited the Bifenxgia Reserve and volunteered there for 3 days with the giant pandas!

    Pandas International is a wonderful organization, and I have donate painted panda items to themfor the last several years. They always bring nice money at their silent auctions, but my work is not in the league with the artists whose work gets auctioned on Ebay like Richard Heisler.

    In keeping with the subject of donating art, I also donate my panda art to fundraisers at the Simthsonian National Zoo in Washington DC, (where my husband volunteers with the giant pandas) and animal art to the York County SPCA where I volunteer. And I donate my best and most commercial items to them since these organizations are near and dear to my heart.

    It made me very happy to read that you have a soft spot for pandas! How can anyone not love a panda?!

    Thanks for your wonderful blogs and insightful articles.

    Mary Schultz
    Dallastown PA

  2. Mary: How neat that you were able to volunteer with the pandas! I’m so jealous. I used to collect panda bear items, but grew out of that (I was in my 20s!) and grew tired of having “things.” But the Giant Panda is magnificent. It would be such a treat to see them in China. Thanks for sharing your story.

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