Artist posts statement journaling in form of interview


Artist Hank Rondina is an enthusiastic supporter of my book, The Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement. He did the exercises and worked with me to help him finish his statement. Then he went one step further. He posted some of his responses on his website in a form of an interview. How neat is that?

Check out Hank Rondina’s interview about his art.

(Update: This book is no longer available.)

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3 thoughts on “Artist posts statement journaling in form of interview”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hank’s interview format is great reading for those of us doing the Relatively Pain-Free Artist Statement process. I’m doing it, but didn’t know if I was on the right course. So, it is helpful to see how someone else is doing it. As a result of reading Hank’s text, I see some things that I can add to the writing I’m doing, etc. What I enjoyed was the cohesiveness in Hank’s interview answers. He linked non-art aspects of his life very well with the art aspect. (I haven’t done that very well in mine. So it might be a good thing for me to do some re-writing of. In any case, thank you for the link. It is very helpful!

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