Artist’s first newsletter pays off

As a result of the momentum from the Promote Your Art with Confidence class, Daniel Sroka writes:Sroka

After years of putting it off, I finally got my newsletter designed, written, and sent out. The good news is it’s already doing its job! Within a day I had heard back from someone who went to a solo show of mine several years ago. She had attended with her sister. While she didn’t buy anything, her sister did, and she’s always been "jealous." But since I never sent out a newsletter, she never thought to contact me. But the day after I finally sent out my newsletter, I got an email from her asking about buying two pieces. My newsletter was the little boost she needed.

A more summery, relaxed version of Promote Your Art with Confidence begins June 13. Join us!

(If you’re not interested in the class, you can just focus in on newsletters with my Cultivating Collectors book.)

Image (c) Daniel Sroka, Sun and Moon.

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