Awareness < Deep Thought Thursday

From the video posted on this art:21 post, artist Robert Irwin says:

The role of art is to, in a sense, bring you to a point where you're aware.


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5 thoughts on “Awareness < Deep Thought Thursday”

  1. Possibly. At least sometimes.
    In my opinion, the role of art is whatever the artist says it is. Or wants it to be for her/him and her/his intended audience at any given moment.

  2. For all the thought and work I put into my relief sculpture, I hope that at some point my audience becomes aware of the play of light across the surface. The art becomes a lense to focus on the quality of light, sunny/cloudy, and from that to subjective awareness, what does this moment mean to them?
    High hopes and hard work.

  3. I like the statement because I learn about myself and my clients through art. However, can the purpose of art really be summed up in one sentence? I think this statement is one piece of a greater whole.

  4. I love this simple statement. My husband would agree that he has become more aware in the past few years as a result of my creative endeavors. Aware of what? That’s for each of us to decide for ourselves.

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