December 23, 2011 | Alyson Stanfield

Thank Heavens for Bert and Her (his?) Eggnog

Let the sipping begin!
It's time for the annual eggnog recipe post.

Eggnog photograph by Erica Lea
Photography ©Erica Lea. Used with permission. Please click on image to see Erica's other work.

My brother called me 2 days ago. He told me he had been wondering if he could find our Bert's Eggnog recipe online. When he looked, darnit if this blog wasn't the first thing that came up! He had no idea I had been sharing this treasure with my readers for all of these years.

My brother-in-law calls every year to ask where he can find the eggnog recipe. Every year, we give him this blog URL.

The Story of Bert's Eggnog

This recipe is for neither the faint of heart nor those who aren't willing to make the effort. It's a lot of work, but you'll be rewarded in the end. Even people who think they don't like eggnog fall in love with this sinfully delicious concoction.

My mother first made Bert's Eggnog in 1959, the year she and Dad were married. But my Uncle Charlie had been making it for years.

No one knows who Bert is! Mom looked up the original recipe in Aunt Susan's How-To Cookbook (1951) and it doesn’t give a clue.

This recipe has been a part of my Christmases for at least 25 years. We started making it in Crested Butte, Colorado and always on Christmas Eve.

After the batch was whipped up, we put it out in the snow overnight. The icy snow makes the nog thicken and the flavors are just that much better in the morning. If you don't have snow or cold weather, I might suggest a few hours in the freezer.

Looks like we'll have a snow bank for our batch this year.

Christmas morning just isn’t Christmas without Bert’s Eggnog. It's a nice excuse for an afternoon nap, too!
Download the recipe here.


Are you a part of the Bert's Eggnog fan club? Have you made this recipe since I first posted it in 2005?
Leave your name and your story.

Say a word of gratitude to Bert – whoever she/he is.

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  • Yummy A bit faint-hearted, we serve it on Christmas Eve rather than morning. Thanks, Bert! Merry Christmas, Alyson

  • I LOVE this, Even my husband, who doesn’t like eggnog, loves this.
    It’s a new tradition for us as of last year.
    Thanks so much Alyson, and Bert, wherever you are!
    Happy holidays!

  • […] be sitting around in my pajamas this morning. My husband and I will dig out the eggnog from the snow bank we made for it and imbibe while working a jigsaw puzzle and counting our […]

  • This is an excellent recipe (actually my second favorite) but because my nephew is allergic to whey, I’m going to be experimenting with milk/cream substitutes. I’m considering almond milk and coconut milk (not to be confused with coconut water which is the liquid inside the coconut). I make eggnog for New Years.

    • Patricia: I use almond milk to thin it, but I can’t think of a substitute for the whipped cream. Let me know if you figure it out.

      • Well, coconut cream doesn’t whip but it does froth. I whipped the whites into a fury of meringue and that made it very thick. I also used only 2 ounces of alcohol (kirchwasser, actually) in the yolk mixture so that kept it pretty thick too. Tonight, when I serve it for New Years, I will cut it with vanilla flavored coconut milk and have various liquors on the side for those who are not driving or on medication. The concoction sitting in the fridge is yummy, however I think it isn’t really Bert’s after all this patchkying around.

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