Blog Triage patients check out with healthier blogs

Today is the final day of the Blog Triage class and I want to share with you the list of proud graduates. For the past 28 days, these bloggers have been focusing on everything from blog design to RSS feeds to linking to sidebars. I'm afraid that Cynthia Morris and I kept them so busy that many of them didn't have time for a lot of new posts. BUT, they do now! And they have all the tools they need to keep up their blogs.

It was impossible to choose one image for this post, but I needed something. I'm sticking to my quilt theme for the week since I'm speaking to the Studio Art Quilt Associates in Ohio on Saturday.

Image ©Kit Vincent, Wild

Kim Bennett, Pudsey, United Kingdom

Marge Bennett, Sarasota, FL

Angela Bounds, Norfolk, VA

Magdalena Castaneda, Brooklyn, NY

Connie Chadwell, Junction, TX

Marlis Egger, Pregassona, Switzerland

Ruben Esq Los Angeles, CA

Marilyn Fenn, Austin, TX

Dora Ficher, Philadelphia, PA

Jodi Flood, Warrenton, VA

Nancy Giere, Williamsburg, VA

Peg Gyldenege, Puyallup WA

Annie Heckman, Chicago, IL

Tricia Hutchinson, North Yorkshire, UK
Katherine Kean, Tujunga, CA

Moira Mallison, Louisville, CO

Vickie Martin, Decatur, GA

Carol McIntyre, Black Forest, CO

Krista Meister, Monroe, MI

Mavis Penney, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Dianne Poinski, Sacramento, CA

Marianne Post, Vacavile, CA

Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo, Milan, Italy; Los Angeles, CA

Caroline Roberts, Houston, TX

Beth Rommel, Oviedo, FL

Barbara Techel, Elkhart Lake, WI

Kit Vincent, Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada

Elizabeth Wank, Twin Lakes, WI

Denise Bellon West, Indian Hills, CO


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4 thoughts on “Blog Triage patients check out with healthier blogs”

  1. Denise Bellon West

    What a great class, Alyson! I would highly recommend it to future blog wannabes. I now know all the tricks to make my blog entries happen painlessly – I would liken it to preparing a very involved recipe, effortlessly.

    I know what all the buttons mean now and how to use them. I know how to make my blog easy to navigate (not that I have done everything yet!). And I am now connected to 30 other fun, interesting, and interested bloggers. Yeehaw, it’s been a fun ride!

  2. Terrific class Alyson, and I ditto what Denise has said. I have gone from an artist that had no idea how to best use my blog, to now knowing how to use the blog to showcase my work in a beautiful manner (still working on all of this).

    Your lessons, and audio are outstanding and will continue to refer to them. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to improve their blogs, and meet other friendly, and creative artists!

    Many, many thanks Alyson!

    fondly, Magdalena

  3. Thank you Alyson and Cynthia for this fine way to get at the inner workings of a blog. And thanks to my fellow classmates for giving me thirty extra teachers!

    For anyone thinking about taking a blogging for artists course… look no farther, this is it!


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