Blog class “patients” check out with improved blogs

Another Blog Triage class is headed for the history books. On this last day of class, Cynthia Morris and I have graduated the following students who worked hard over the last 4 weeks to make big improvements to their blogs.

As with most classes, some people sign up and aren't able to take full advantage of the class at the time, but those who did the work were well rewarded. Check out the blogs for yourself!

Liz Crain, Ratty Got Her Wings. Ceramic sculpture. ©The Artist.
Liz Crain, Ratty Got Her Wings. Ceramic sculpture. ©The Artist.

Linda Allard, Richmond, Virginia

Dawn Blair, Jerome, Idaho

Susan Buret, New South Wales, Australia

Carrie Cahill Mulligan, Canaan, New Hampshire

Liz Crain, Capitola, California

Mary Anne Davis, Chatham, New York

Jane Denison, Sedalia, Colorado

Paula Graham, Oxford Pennsylvania

Jackie Jacobson, Indio, California

Marie Kazalia, Farmdale, Ohio

Kathleen Kibblehouse, Chesterfield, Missouri

B Lancton, Fredericksburg, Texas

Mindy Lighthipe, Warren, New Jersey

Deb Strong Napple, Glenside, Pennsylvania

Deborah Putnoi, Boston, Massachusetts

Regina, Louisville, Colorado

Jana Rezucha, Boulder, Colorado

Marybeth Rothman, Tenafly, New Jersey

Cyd Rust, Loveland, Colorado

Ana Isabel Sanchez, Bethesda, Maryland

Soukie, Gainesville, Florida

Keith Stanley, Washington, DC

Janice Mason Steeves, Rockwood, Ontario, Canada

Shannon Sunderland, Boulder, Colorado

Ann Turpin Thayer, Phoenix, Arizona

Congratulations to all!


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7 thoughts on “Blog class “patients” check out with improved blogs”

  1. This class was so helpful to me… I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting life back into their blog.

    Many thanks, Alyson & Cynthia, for guiding us gently, but firmly through it.

    And congratulations to this graduating class! The curve was steep, but the ride was definitely fun… thank you.

  2. This class was just the right pace and amount of time. Each lesson provoked thought and action. It was a good combination of class, guidance from Alyson and Cynthia (who are a dynamite duet, BTW), and ‘open lab’ both on the class blog and out in the bigger world of the students’ blogs, facebook, twitter and email.

    It was especially helpful to witness the blogs of others evolving and to get comments on my own blog. I learned plenty, made some very powerful changes to my blog and have a lot of new connections. Group hug!

  3. Thank you, Alyson, for the comment on your blog. And thank you to you and Cynthia. The class was a lot of fun! Even my blog reading friend went out to my blog and commented how much better it was – she was shocked at the improvement and it inspired her to get to work on her blog. It’s contagious!

    Thank you again for the wonderful journeys you inspired!

  4. Alyson and Cynthia,
    Thank you so much for the blog triage course. I feel inspired, informed and energized and I’m getting lots of good feedback about my revitalized blog.
    I would recommend the course to anyone (artist or not) wanting to create an interesting blog.

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