Casey Klahn Wants to Know . . . About Artist Newsletters

I'm stopping in on Casey Klahn's The Colorist blog today as part of the I'd Rather Be in the Studio! blog tour. Casey asks:

Do you support the idea of a special newsletter for gallerists and/or museum curators? 

What wisdom can you offer about newsletter frequency?

Can you offer some examples of artist's newsletters you feel hit it out of the park?

Read what I have to say on Casey's blog. (Stay to the end of the post and win a free copy of my book.)

Image (c) Casey Klahn, By the Heath Place

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4 thoughts on “Casey Klahn Wants to Know . . . About Artist Newsletters”

  1. Alyson, another excellent interview. Your book tour is a wonderful example of the blogosphere at its highest and best use. If I wasn’t such an effective self-saboteur I would have been brave enough to get on your blog tour list, too. But that’s something to work towards next year. You will be writing a sequel next year, won’t you?

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Sue, ha! Sequel schmequel! But I’m glad you’re enjoying following along. BTW, I’m making a Web page that links to all of the interviews. Way cool.

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