Cleaning out the studio

Maeona Urban shares this:Urban

It has been an unusually long wet cold winter here in Oregon and I had no need to run my fan or air conditioner in the studio so when I started up the fan I suddenly had dust bunnies adhering to my wet oil painting. I rapidly switched it off and looked around me. I decided no painting today until I get this place cleaned out. I didn't intend to do such a thorough job but one thing led to another and I soon found myself putting it all out into the yard as if I were moving. It was great! Not only did I get my studio all clean, I found there were many "useful props" that I had never used, magazines I intended to try things from and hadn't, paintings I had intended to "fix" but couldn't face, etc. I got rid of everything that wasn't current  I returned things to places where I was programmed to having my tools and rearranged some of the furnishings for a fresh view of my space. The entire experience was very cleansing and inspiring. I recommend it for everyone. Instead of the old projects lingering over me I can now start new ones without the guilty conscience of not doing what was incomplete in the past.
Thank you for all your help.  I just thought this might be a good idea for other artist trapped in the past.

Great suggestion, Maeona! And for those who need extra support, the Get Organized online class begins Wednesday. Join us and get organized in 30 days.

Image (c) Maeona Urban, A Little Light on History

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8 thoughts on “Cleaning out the studio”

  1. This reminds me of all the old paintings I have jammed under the stairs in my basement, next to my studio area. They’re from the past eight years (since I got out of college in 2001, really). I don’t know what to do with them. I could try to sell them, but I am not affiliated with a gallery, and they’re not in line with my current work. I don’t want to just throw them away. What do you suggest I do with them?

  2. Alyson, I hope you schedule your “Get Organized” class again sometime soon – how about in the Fall? I am leaving for vacation in two weeks, so I would miss the second half of your class…but I really need a boost in getting organized! Thanks for all the good and interesting information you always provide. Regards, Elizabeth

  3. I just signed up and I am very excited about the class. I am taking it with a pal so we can hold each other accountable, and support each other in taking action.

  4. I’ll vouch that it is a wonderful class! Now I have to cleanse my studio like Maeona did! I’ve already put up shelves for frames, etc, and you’re right! You do feel so much better!!

  5. Hi there! I just loved Maeona’s story about the dust bunnies. It can be so transformational to just get things swept clean! Hope the class goes well – clearing out the clutter crease spaciousness for cretivity and productivity!

  6. Michael Lynn Adams

    Whenever I or my wife are about to start a major art/design project we clean. If the studio is clean already we might clean a closet in the house. I am not sure what psychological trigger is pulled that puts the cleaning drive in full gear. I remember being told that women about to give birth often exhibit a nesting behavior by cleaning the house. Giving birth to a new art creation might, somehow, promote that same drive.

  7. I’m a clay sculptor and when I finish a series of pieces, complete the glazing and fire a couple of times I tell myself I can not start a new round of pieces until I clean the studio and put everything away. Because I am an emergent artist at first I wanted to save all my pieces, now I chuck any pieces that I need to part with at the same time I’m cleaning. Something about starting off with a new series all clean and organized adds to my efficiency and creativity I think…plus I can find everything (well almost everything).

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