Collaborate with all kinds of other artists

Anyone who has been reading my Art Marketing Action newsletter or taken classes with me knows I'm a huge fan of collaboration. Artists do really cool things when they get together.

I'm also a fan of William Kentridge. I can't claim to have seen a lot of his work, but was very taken with a small exhibition of it at the Met a couple of years ago. Now he's collaborated on a production of Mozart's "The Magic Flute." Oh, to be in New York and have the opportunity to see this!

You don't have to limit your collaborations to other visual artists. What can you cook up with musicians, writers, poets, and dancers? Those collaborations all have buzz appeal.

–>Make collaborations a part of your marketing plan. Start an Art Biz Connection salon or create a plan of your own.

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2 thoughts on “Collaborate with all kinds of other artists”

  1. I really like the idea of collaboration … my partner, Susan Elkin, and I work together as a team with our graphic design and photography businesses. Clients are delighted to be able to hire a team together who will take the photos and do the design. It strengthens our work because they get two sets of eyes – that work well together. We have both taken a business class for artists from the local Community Development Corp. It was great to be with a variety of 18 artists together. Some of us have taken to showing together more – we have deepened out relationship with some of the other artists. It was very fruitful and I think a lot more collaborations will be coming out of our group. ~ Diane Clancy

  2. i agree! as long as everyone involed is fair (which in my experience has always been the case so far), i think artists can only benefit by talking to each other, helping each other out, and even collaborating. i’m in a new group with a few other illustrators, that is in development right now. we’re working on a portfolio website for us, and are starting to plan a mailing where we will share costs, and maybe even contacts! hows that not a win-win situation? i have to say this works though because none of us has an identical, thus competing, style. but then… find 2 artists who do have the same style? =) i’m always open for collaborations, i do illustration, and other art services – find out more on my website. if you have questions about illustrations, or need illustrations, contact me any time =) astrid

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