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Nancy Moskovitz shared with me that Working Artist is now looking for someone to take it over–after 14 years. I can't blame 'em, but that doesn't sound too good for artists using WA. Update: Kathryn at Working Artist says a solution is near for all WA subscribers. Stay tuned!

Thoughts on databases?

Image (c) Nancy Moskovitz, Overlook.

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5 thoughts on “Comparing software”

  1. Michael Lynn Adams

    I created a database in FileMaker Pro that worked OK. Then I found Flick! and switched. It isn’t perfect but for archiving and tracking my paintings plus maintaining my prospect/contact list it has worked very nicely.

  2. I have only called on tech support once in the four years I have databased with Working Artist, however I do not use every facet of the program, hopefully the transition will be smooth. I like that painting Nancy!

  3. For Mac users only: I just upgraded to Leopard, and bought BENTO (only $49), a Filemaker Pro based little bit of magic that supports creating custom databases, with easy links to my contacts list for collectors and galleries, links to any files I want to include, all the info about the work and a running list of exhibition venues, as well as collector info. I used the INVENTORY template to start with and easily made it my own. It took me only one session at the Apple Genius Bar to be pretty fluent on the program, and the support materials are clear, too.

  4. Tina & Michael, I have been looking for the right software for a while. I just went through Flick! to check it out–much of the info is more detailed than I need, however the mailing list part is my numero uno priority at this point. It was hard to tell on the example, but can you tell me—-does it print out a snail mail list? Can you send out a group email? To how many? Is the mailing list part of it easy to set up and use? Thanks for any help. Christine

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