Compelling Video of Your Art

Philadelphia's Rosenfeld Gallery is providing videos for their artists. This is a fantastic service for the artists and a smart use of video by the gallery (though they didn't add their brand to the footage).
After dropping in on an opening there, I was delighted that one of the artists, Eliza Auth, sent me a link to her video.

Why I Like It

While this video is longer than what would be ideal (7 minutes compared to 2 for our short attention spans), it is compelling.
It features high-quality artwork, great lighting, and professional photography. AND, Eliza speaks with clarity and confidence.
Notice, too, the textures of the footage: artwork close up, room scans, people (old and young), voices, and the pleasant music track.
I stuck with it to the end.

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13 thoughts on “Compelling Video of Your Art”

  1. She’s brilliant! Love the colors in her work. The video is perfect. Not too long, mixed well. The candid shots of her discussing her art with the people gave me a feeling of her love for her art. Very well done video showing great art. The gallery is going that extra mile to promote the artist. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve got to watch it again.

  2. AnnaMaria Windisch

    Hung in to the end on the long version. Very nice, appreciated the time she takes to includes the detail of the grasses in the foreground.

    1. Debra: Excellent point. I imagine that’s a frustration across the Web for you. Do you know how to do this? Is there a CC tool do add to videos?

  3. Excellent post Alyson. I stuck all the way through it too. Compelling work along with her story made it viewable. Great add- on for those of us who can do a video clip on our website or facebook, blog etc.

  4. The most delightful 7-minutes of my Tuesday morning! Well worth the viewing time. Professionally filmed, ideal gallery reception environment (including guest interaction)… and oh to speak as confidently, yet poetically, as Eliza does! Definitely worth sharing!

  5. Loved this…I stayed right to the end too…didn’t seem too long at all! I could have watched more! I’d love to get the courage up to do a video of my work sometime. Choosing the right images and music is very important to the success of the video I think.

  6. Perfect video, Alyson. I didn’t mind the length, either. It was a perfect close to a somewhat hectic day. Thanks (again and again and again…) for sharing!

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