Contact Lists: The Basics

It's Contact List Week here on the Art Biz Blog. No balloons, no marching band, no red carpet. This isn't fun or sexy, but is vital work for growing your art business.
I haven't said it in awhile, but remember that your contact list is your #1 asset. No one knows the same people you do and people are more likely to buy from you if they know and like you.

The Rules

My rules for contact lists, from I'd Rather Be in the Studio! (page 18)
Your contact list should:

  1. Be easy to access at a moment’s notice. A computerized database gives you this advantage.
  2. Contain about 150 names at the bare minimum. That’s how many people you probably already know and everyone you know should be on your contact list.
  3. Be updated regularly. The frequency of your updates depends on how many new people you meet and how much activity you generate. I update mine weekly, although monthly or quarterly updates are probably sufficient for many artists.
  4. Be used. Your mailing list is worthless if it’s not used! You can send out email messages once a month and send print items by mail three or four times a year. If you don’t continue putting your name in front of people, you are likely to be forgotten.

How's your list?

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6 thoughts on “Contact Lists: The Basics”

  1. Wow, this may not be “fun or sexy” but it sure seems scary; why are my knees shaking?
    And really? Everyone we know should be on our contact list? Even my neighbor who is absolutely devoid of any interest in the arts whatsoever? And yes, I’m open to suggestions for new neighborhoods ;D

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  3. I don’t know how many people I really know (ack, that’s not pretty). Are we counting people who we know because we are related to them or worked with them a gazillion years ago? Or they bought something once?
    Getting people to give me any amount of legible contact information has been like pulling teeth. Some leave snail mail addresses, some email, some leave a first name but no last name. Some don’t leave anything legible.

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