When You Can't Decide

When you are struggling with a decision, remember this . . .

You have everything you need to make the right decisions for your art business.

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You have read the books, listened to the recordings, and taken the classes.
You have paid attention.
You have been doing the work.
You've asked good questions.
You've sought outside expertise.
You know what's right from what's wrong.
You feel it when something doesn't sound right.
You know what is best for you.
Then, take action.

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5 thoughts on “When You Can't Decide”

  1. Hi Alyson,
    Mike Dooley who writes Notes from the Universe says,”we’re here for such a short time. One minute you’re here, and the next you’re gone. So you’ve got nothing, nothing to lose.” I love that quote. Decide as you say, because what have you got to lose. This post, and Mike’s idea are very empowering.
    Thanks for this.
    XO Barbara

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  3. Margaret Almon

    When I get stuck, I remind myself that we all take our best guess, since we are not omniscient. I do not have to know the future, just consider the things you mention here.

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