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In response to my previous post about Firefox, TC Krantz suggests Mozilla's Thunderbird as an e-mail/RSS reader/calendar client.

As someone who misses Entourage dearly, but can't stand the crashing problems I had with it, I'm going to check out Thunderbird. I'm still not happy that Apple Mail and Calendar can't do everything that Entourage did.

Image: (c) T.C. Krantz, Curious Dolphins.

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3 thoughts on “Email/Rss reader/Calendar client”

  1. Yeah, I also find Apple’s iCal to be a rather lightweight application. I recently tried out Google Calendar, and have since switched over to it. Good features, excellent interface, and nice connectivity with Gmail. I love being able to access my calendar from anywhere, and share my work calendar with my wife so we can keep in sync — a feature that Apple charges $99 a year for. And the most pleasant surprise is how this web-based app feels more robust and responsive that a desktop app.

  2. Although I have never tried a local calendar app, I recommend Yahoo calendar (probably similar to Google). I have been using it for several months and the email reminders have been a life saver! It has all kinds of options for repeating events, mobile reminders, online views, etc. oh, and as with google its free and can be accessed anywhere!

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