Evidence that Self-Promotion Pays Off

Two stories on NPR this morning backed up the value of shameless self-promotions.

1. The world’s largest pinhole camera obscura.
Five artists are transforming a former airplane hangar to create the largest photograph ever. Can you think of a better news story for an artist?

2. The story of Nate Mott.
He took a chance and sent a CD to NPR. Did they throw it away? Heck no. He got an interview and airplay on national radio! As I recall, he told the story of apologizing for promoting himself and the person he directed his apology to said there was no need. The business is ALL ABOUT self-promotions.

Nate not only had a track that NPR liked, he also had a great story about growing up in a rustic cabin in Vermont.

I could easily live without television, but I'm almost certain I'd go into a tailspin without NPR. I hope you support your local National Public Radio station.

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