How to Find a Mastermind Partner

Someone in my membership program recently asked for the best way to find a mastermind partner (a.k.a. business buddy). This is a person with like-minded interests with whom you can brainstorm ideas, seek/give guidance, and get/provide support.
Without giving away everything I shared with my Conspirators, I wanted to share some quick tips.

Get Clear About What You Want

The most important step to finding a mastermind partner is to envision how you want the relationship to work.
Is one other business buddy enough or do you want a group of 3 or 4?
Do you want to meet monthly in person?
Or is Skyping every other week sufficient?
Maybe it’s a combination. What situation would make you happiest?
Describe your ideal situation.
Then write down all of the qualities you want in that person. Be as specific as possible.
The qualities I seek in a mastermind partner are:

  • Ambition – above all
  • Similar goals (e.g. “enhance your online presence” or “build sales of physical product”)
  • Commitment to the process
  • Compassion
  • Skills that complement my own

Maybe it’s not even another artist. Maybe it’s a writer or a realtor.
The most important thing is that you have similar goals and are willing to support one another.

Let It Be Known

Let it be known that you're looking for a mastermind partner.
Post something on your blog. Mention it in networking situations.
One of the things I love most about my online classes is that artists find other like-minded artists for masterminding. You might find someone similar on Facebook or a discussion forum.

Try It

I can't say enough about the power of masterminding to build your art business and attain career goals. I encourage you to try it in whatever form is best for you.
Next week I'll share tips on how you can run a mastermind meeting.

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7 thoughts on “How to Find a Mastermind Partner”

  1. I think this is an excellent starting point for artists seeking a buddy to help share ideas! I am actively seeking folks in Nairobi in the same situation I am in- or even other communities where ex-pats are living, and working as artists, who may not be making art in the ‘local way’ but adding to the canon their own interpretations of the local scene. In my situation- I am at a disadvantage due to a lack of local, deep, long-term lifetime connections. In another way, I feel in a privileged position due to the support of the ex-pat community and the opportunity for a fresh outlook. And, of course, the connections from back-home buyers who may want something more exotic- the ‘armchair traveler’. Would love to hear from any others in a similar situation.

  2. Alyson,
    I took your Organizing class a couple summers ago and you were kind enough to talk to me on the phone about how you run a class on a blog — also a few years ago.
    I still paint, and I am a partner in a new service for Masterminds.
    It’s called MasterMind Meetups, and it’s a complete online meeting space for Mastermind groups. Members can belong to as many private virtual business groups as they like. Each private group has its own forum, chat, email message and document storage area. In addition, MasterMind Meetups offers several public forums for the larger Mastermind community where you can talk with members from other groups. We’re also planning a Marketplace where members and other business experts can offer their products and services to the community.
    The site isn’t quite open yet. We just got it “back” from the developers this weekend after some customization and we have some work before we’re ready to accept members. But please feel free to browse the public pages and check it out at
    You and your artists are welcome to sign up for the guide, “10 Keys to Successful Virtual Masterminding.” As a business coach, you are also welcome to bring in a group you are coaching. We’ll take care all all the backend work to run the platform. All you have to do is show up and coach!
    We’ll soon be sending a short survey out to people who sign up for the 10 Keys Guide, and those who respond will get a free month’s membership in MasterMind Meetups.
    We haven’t even begun to market MasterMind Meetups or launch our social media strategy. You are one of the first to see it.
    I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts about how this might work for artists. While we’re directing the service towards business folks first, it works equally well for anyone who is serious about what they are working on. We’re asking people to self-sort into four levels based on where they are at with their business – Creation, Build, Refocus and Mastery – to help people find others who have similar goals, as you counseled in your post.
    I’m happy to answer any questions!
    Thanks for the chance to share this, Alyson.

  3. First off, I love the term “Mastermind Partner” it sounds much more interesting than its business counterpart. Second, the idea of having somebody to brainstorm with you is really great, but kinda hard to find for me. I have a bunch of very good friends, but most of them aren’t the type who love sculpture as much as I do. I like Marsha’s idea, at least the concept for now- the Mastermind Meetups, though I don’t know how long it would take for this to spread in the Philippines though. We’re not all internet-saavy here ahaha.

  4. Glad you like the idea, Kylo. My Mastermind partners are in other parts of the U.S. My first Mastermind group wrote a book together — and we’ve never met yet! That’s why I love a virtual group — your partners can be anywhere. 🙂

  5. Mastermind Group

    I think there is no one person with sufficient experience and ability to succeed in the life without the cooperation with other people. Its true that starting or joining a mastermind group can provide business support, resources and accountability to promote the business as well as it is important for business owners to find a mastermind group that meets their specific needs and desires.

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