Friendly, funny tags on my new handbag

I'm a huge fan of Maruca handmade purses. I just love the tag I found in my latest purchase, which I don't recall seeing before.

First, the front (SOHO–the “name” of this style):


Then, the back (click to read the clever copy):

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5 thoughts on “Friendly, funny tags on my new handbag”

  1. Like the tags, like the bags……….but how does one translate something like this to fine art (ie. paintings?) or not, maybe? I love the attitude of giving the information about how they are made, who is making them, in a warm inclusive style. Can you do that with ART? Or is the gallery/museum system such that you dare not be so human? Christine

  2. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Christine: I think it only translates if it FITS with your style and personality. Some artists approach their work with such lightheartedness and do quite well in a serious market. Others are more serious and straight-faced with their writing. Only use this tone if it fits with the image you want to project.

  3. The purses are beautiful! They remind me a little of Vera Bradley bags but I like the fabric better and it’s nicer to have them made in USA.I visited Christine DeCamp’s website and her paintings are very interesting. I liked them.

  4. THIS IS SO GREAT! We ruminate over the verbage on our marketing materials and it is absolutely wonderful to see people’s positive responses to what we are doing. Thank you for your enthusiasm around our new name/biography cards.

  5. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Angela: Happy to oblige. I’m glad you saw this post and know that you have a raving fan. My readers love seeing creative stuff like this and they’re often struggling with words when I encourage them to spice up their language. I appreciate being able to show a good example.

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