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GaleIn today’s Art Marketing Action newsletter, I talk about how important it is to target your message.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t do other things. It just means, that if you create a wide variety of artwork, you must market it separately. Each body of work that looks like it was done by a separate artist needs to match up with its own potential audience.

If you have a number of different styles on your website, it might be time to get another site. Putting too much information on one site is confusing to visitors. When visitors are confused, they leave.

Image: Brandy Kitten Gale, Book Meezer, 2005. Pure pigment heavy body acrylic on archival Belgian Linen / hardboard panel,  16 x 20 inches. Private Collection, Ohio.

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2 thoughts on “Get Another Website”

  1. What about teaching artists? Any experiences tell you that we should have separate websites to promote our work as teachers, in addition to our work websites. The clients/collectors I have overlap and the two activities seem to generate each other, but I think my site as I have it now makes it difficult to give enough information about the teaching — especially as a vehicle for organizations, groups and guilds who might want to hire me to teach. Do any other readers have insight about this? (My blog is focused on the studio and I WILL have more info on teaching there, but my website is a templated gallery site that may be too limited in its design —

  2. I had this same dilema for years. My website made it appear that I was unfocused. Too many different art activities engaged in. The answer: Teaching artists should have separate websites. Gee, there are some great free websites these days so there is no excuse to not have a dedicated website for eveything subject/genre you teach. I have one that lists all my workshops by calendar date and also specific website/blogs to each particular category I teach.

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