Get Over Blog Envy and Learn to Love Your Blog Again

Guest blogger: Cynthia Morris
There's a certain someone in my field who has a huge following. This certain someone also has a great blog.
I found myself constantly referring to the blog as an example of what a good blog should be.
And I admit it, I had blog envy.

Janice McDonald Collage
©Janice McDonald, Tangent. Collage on wood panel, 10 x 10 inches. Used with permissison

Rather than stew in a green swamp of jealousy, I decided to learn from this savvy blogger. I analyzed her blog.
You can do the same thing with blogs you admire. Look at:

  • What is the blogger doing that you aren’t?
  • What is he or she doing that you love?

After this exercise, you’ll have a handy (and long) to-do list for pumping up your blog.
Not only will it guide you to better blogging, it should empower you. Your blog envy will be tempered because you have a plan for improvement.
You will learn to love your blog once again.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Cynthia MorrisAbout Our Guest Blogger

Through her company Original Impulse, Cynthia Morris helps writers, artists and entrepreneurs get out of their own way so they can make things that matter. Cynthia publishes a newsletter, Impulses, to help creative people stay happily on track. Subscribe here.


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