Get your business cards printed

Here are some resources for having someone else print your business cards. I haven't used all of them, but know of artists who have. If you have comments on these or other services, please leave them below.

Print for Less
PS Print 
Postcard Press
Club Flyers

By the way, don’t settle for free business cards with someone else’s advertising on them. They’re YOUR cards and not a place for advertising someone else’s product.

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13 thoughts on “Get your business cards printed”

  1. I use Great American Printing Company ( for my cards. Great printing on heavy stock, satin finish, and CHEAP-about $67 for $1000. At that price you can’t afford NOT to get high-quality cards, even if you only use a few. Believe me, it makes a huge difference for both the receiver and the giver. When I hand out one of these, as opposed to my computer-printed cards, I have the confidence of a professional presentation and heavy stock card to make me feel like a professional. And it really does.

  2. I use Moo for my cards: They’re $25 for 100 cards, and you can put different images on each card. They ship in about 2 weeks. They’re smaller than typical business cards, but that gets them noticed! Especially when you pull out the cute little box they come in, people start to pick out the image they want to represent your work. THumbs up!

  3. Recently I have used the American Vista Print site (the Canadian Vista is not as slick)…they send so much email, I had to try them…Well, I gotta say for speed of delivery and price, they are quite amazing…and though I know how much the cards cost, collectors seem to think they are wonderful…it seems that the Vista style is very the opposite of my typical wildly creative look…and corporate collectors who are more 9-5 office left brained square peg type understand that…

  4. is another company that does a wonderful job with business cards, envelopes, letterheads, and post cards. I first found out about this printer at a comic book convention in Phoenix, AZ. What caught my eye was the rounded edges, the crisp lines and the lamination of a gentleman selling his indy comic. I asked the creative where he had his cards printed and he directed me to Print100’s global service site. I paid 29.95 for a set of 300. I was also impressed with the very helpful customer service offered (especially the gentleman Eric Law). I’m very pleased with the result, and I plan to order more products as the need arises.

  5. I use vistaprint for my printing, business cards, postcards, brochures etc. if you signup to their newsletter they frequently send out free offers which enable you do do your printing for peanuts. I have heard nice things about moo, having an option for different images on different cards is very cool. modern postcard have some beautiful cards and printing options and are still fairly affordable,

  6. I have had two sets of business cards printed with They’ll print 250 for $24.95, which ends up being around $34 w/ shipping, etc. They cards are nice, you can get two sided, you can opt to have them not be glossy (yay!) and they’ll arrive in about a week (not too much need to all the express shipping options.) I’ve used vistaprint for all our gallery promo cards and they are really fast and always have a sale going that makes it inexpensive. I also designed a business card for an artist friend of mine and she had it printed at vista. The card came out nice—the color was vibrant, and it was really just perfect for $24.95. With all of these places, just remember—you get what you pay for. The cards are not always trimmed to perfection, the color is not always a spot on pantone match, but for what you’re paying, they’re great.

  7. I have used vistaprint for both postcards and business cards. They are inexpensive, but you will end up getting tons of spam from them. I think Modern Postcard is a rip off! Expensive, and the quality isn’t that much better. I have also used Postcard Press, and had good results with them.

  8. I like GotPrint – their prices are good, and they use heavy, glossy or matte stock, with options for color or b/w and print on both sides. I use an image of my jewelry on one side, and text on the back, with some white space so I can write a personal note about an upcoming show, special offer, etc.

  9. I’ve been happy with vistaprint. Very nice customer support if you have trouble technically uploading as I did at first. It’s so great that we can now produce postcards and business cards at suh low prices. There’s no excuse for not marketing!

  10. GreatFX Business Cards I prefer GreatFX Business Cards, who I found through a PC Magazine article published about a year ago. I’ve been extremely pleased with not only the quality of the cards but also the customer service I received when I realized I had a mis-spelled word on my card.

  11. Over the past few years, VistaPrint has received numerous complaints (Consumer Affairs about VistaPrint) stating that after the first purchase, VistaPrint and related companies (Vistarewards, Passport to Fun, BusinessMax) have been charging monthly fees to customer’s credit cards for unsolicited and undelivered services. They also sell your information to other companies that may try to call you several times a day, more detail at

  12. I have used for a number of orders over the last few years. I have always been happy with the pricing, and the finished product. I print business cards, but also like to print a postcard to mail out for our art exhibits. This is in addition to the postcard mailer sent out by the gallery or museum we are working with for the exhibit. Postage rates are less than a letterhead/envelope mailing so it is a great way for us to get our message out.

  13. Another company I would recommend is I have used them for 2 years now and always been pleased. Their prices are very good and their service is terrific. 1000 business cards are just $40. Very nice quality and super fast shipping.

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