December 7, 2006 | Alyson Stanfield

Give Away Free Stuff

Kliewer_1Brian Kliewer knows how to get his images out there! He is giving away free downloadable PDF files of calendars (December 2006 at right). If you visit his download page, he also has screen savers and desktop backgrounds.

Cool stuff!

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  • Susan Maldonado

    I just want to applaude Brian Kliewer’s work! He is amazing! I had to enlarge the thumbnail of the snow to its largest detail, it is so awesome, it looks like its alive! Now THAT’S ART!! He is awesome! And the picture of his cat, I have never seen anything like it, he is almost breathing! To be able to catch every detail, the exact lighting that makes the painting almost appear like a photo, I think that is a true artist. To be able to do all that with a paintbrush. I can’t say how much I admire someone that is able to do that! Thank you, Brian, for sharing your God given talent!

  • Brian

    Thank you, Susan, for your kind comments. Much appreciated! Brian Kliewer

  • Brian

    And a “belated” thanks to Alyson for mentioning me in the first place. She already has my thanks but I wanted to say it publicly as well.

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