Giving Art and Artist Merchandise

Are you giving art this holiday season?

Before wrapping up your art as a holiday present, it’s nice to know that the recipient will truly love and want to display it.

Scarf by Trudy Rice
Banksia scarf and pendant by Trudy Rice.

Many artists have merchandise with their art on it.

Such products not only add an extra income stream, but they’re often more appropriate for gift-giving because they’re utilitarian. The recipients won’t be under pressure to display the products or keep them forever.

These might include items such as:

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What art are you giving this year? What do you have for customers to purchase for gift-giving?

Please leave a comment with the following:

  1. A description of your gift.
  2. A link to where we can see it. Double check to make sure the link works.
  3. Your Instagram handle so I can help you promote it.
  4. Tag #ArtBizNow on the Instagram posts that include your holiday gift ideas.

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36 thoughts on “Giving Art and Artist Merchandise”

  1. Thanks Alyson!
    These are the gift sets I am collaborative offering with two other La Veta, Colorado artists.

    A trio of culinary focused, artful items for the discerning gourmet. Individually handcrafted by the Try-Art-Fecta workshop instructors in their La Veta, Colorado art studios.
    Porcelain Olive Oil Dispenser by Nicole Copel
    Sterling Silver Cocktail Skewer by Valerie Smith
    Batik Cotton/Linen Tea Towel by Beth M. Evans.

    Order online at:


  2. Alyson, thank you for doing this. My latest favorite is this digital original. I enjoy painting images of strong women. This woman is confident and assured, ready and willing to assert herself–and able to pull off wearing the kind of dress that says so. Digital original, available as a giclee print in a limited edition of 25.

  3. Thank you for doing this. I create inspirational calendars with my paintings with a verse of Scripture and an encouraging word from me each month. Who doesn’t need some encouragement these days? My featured calendar is Flourish With quotes from my book “Flourish: defying adversity“. This includes a selection of floral paintings from a group show I was involved in.

    Instagram: rebecca__finch

  4. Hi Alyson,

    Thank you for sharing this! This holiday season I am participating in a holiday art show called 25 Days of Minis. There are 45 artists doing this show and each day from Dec 1 until Christmas the artists share one new mini for the day. Viewers can visit to view the entire collection everyday or visit the artists’ website directly to see their work. . Here is my direct link to view my minis painting

    I am so excited about my brand new collection of mini landscape paintings titled “A Faraway Haven”

    Thank You So Much! and, Happy Holidays!!!


  5. Thank you Alyson! I am JennyGallo on instagram
    This little work of art has had a whole lot of intention and delight poured onto it. The ornament’s joyful design echos the Transformation painting series that was created during the Covid-19 pandemic. The message of transformation is a perfect modern adornment for your Christmas tree or to be set on display as a standalone piece of art all year round. About the ornament—

    -pink and orange for joy and happiness
    -red for The Passion of Jesus
    -gold for God and divinity
    -blue for truth
    -green for hope
    -circles for God’s everlasting love
    -a square for earthly existence
    -a laurel branch because it was once believed to protect against disease but is now a symbol of victory, and
    -a spiral for growth and transformation

  6. Thank you for this opportunity Alyson. My instagram handle is @wendyshragg_designs

    ‘From My Heart To Yours’

    This began as a limited collection of 26 one-of-a-kind heart art mixed media original minis that were created to share some love in the world during our time of social distancing and quarantine. I felt they were the perfect way to show how much you care, to say thank you for always being there, or to show your appreciation for the kindness someone has shown to you. Think of these like the much needed hug you want to share with someone right now. They’re also perfect to gift to yourself. Some days we just need that…and that’s ok.

  7. Thanks so much!
    Art gift:

    About this artwork: Summer Solstice is a colored pencil drawing on wood panel covered in resin 12x16in. This drawing captures the warmth of summer days. I use high-quality resin and other art materials to create museum-quality art pieces.

    Thanks to a transparent coat of resin, this drawing has a glass-like shine with a sparkle. Photography doesn’t capture the beauty of glitter sparkle! Super-fine glitter sparkles like fresh snow and gives this drawing a very unique appearance.

  8. The Hearts of Christmas Exclusive Collection is inspired by the heart memories that decorate my Christmas tree. The heart idea originated in 1993 when my life began its new and ongoing adventure, with one heart on a tree limb from my yard. Now our Christmas tree sparkles with hearts collected from travel, friends, and “look, I found one” shopping trips. It is my tradition; you can start one of your own this year.

    This heart painting of iridescent pastels is enclosed in a magnetic acrylic stand, ready to display and for gifting. It is displayed in the description insitu on a bookcase, surrounded by vintage books, including my second grade speller!
    This little heart calls itself Nevermind the Blues

    @carolynhancockportraits on Instagram

  9. Thank you for the opportunity!

    My current favorite item is an illustration and recipe book that was successfully crowdfunded last year.

    The book contains 31 illustrations of tiny, teacup-sized dragons. Each dragon and teacup is designed around, and painted with, a different kind of tea! The book also contains a recipe on how to make the perfect cup of each dragon’s signature tea!

    The book is 7”x10” 64 pages of full color illustrations and recipes, and includes 3 pages of process photographs and a foil-embossed cover.

    My instagram is @artofkitsteele

    1. Alyson Stanfield

      Well that is fun, Kit! But I’m not seeing it on your IG so I can share. That seems to be the easiest way to get people back to your link.

  10. Thank you Alyson, I have combined my artwork with inspirational messages to create a deck of “Inspired Beauty” art cards. The deck contains 48 cards, each with one of my floral oil paintings on one side of the card and an inspiring message, thought to reflect on and an affirmation on the other side. You can pull a random card each day to start your day with a positive mindset. The deck comes packaged in a silver organza bag and includes a mini display easel so you can keep the art and inspiration in front of you all day long. The prices is $25 and shipping to anywhere in the U.S. is free thru 12/31/20. The perfect gift to uplift those you love. We all need a little extra positivity and beauty this year.

  11. Hi Alyson! Thank you for this opportunity to share a little panda love for the holiday. I started making needle felted pandas around this time last year as the stress of the last 4 years started to get overwhelming. Little did I know that my tiny panda project would help both myself and the people who bought them.

    Little did I know a pandemic was coming and people would need something to help keep the anxiety away.

    There is nothing like an emotional support panda that you can carry around in your pocket. They are about 3 inches tall, made from wool from (mostly) local sheep, that I get at a small family owned wool mill on Whidbey Island, Abundant Earth Fiber.

    These little pandas would make wonderful gifts!

    You can find my Holiday Panda edition at the top of my Buy Stuff With Pandas Page

    I’m on Instagram @pandachronicle

    Thanks again for this opportunity!

  12. I have created a new jigsaw puzzle, a challenging and fascinating one, in 500 or 1000 pieces. It is only in my online shop! Art © Nancy Lee Moran – 190 Images with the fine details that puzzlers enjoy!

    ALYSON – are you aware that Instagram stopped sharing its flow of “Recent Tags” – which has been hurting artists’ ability to get posts seen, unless they already have lots of followers? I am waiting a bit to share on the site. I used to spend time carefully selecting tags.
    Since the end of October until December 3, 2020 and perhaps beyond, “Instagram is not showing Recent Posts in Tags, only Top Posts” (nine in number for each tag). It claims that the action is to mitigate election misinformation.

  13. Hi Alyson,

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    One of the items that have been popular on my art products website has been leggings. So many people just working from home or being home, or, doing yoga on zoom, like I do, really like this.
    I will be gifting this to my family.

    To my collectors I will be sending note cards this year.

    Here is the link to one of the paintings on the leggings.

    My Instagram: @doraficherart and @soldesignstudios

    Happy Holidays!

  14. I’m drawn to painting taverns – I think about all the fun times had by family and friends at the corner bar – especially the older places. Think of the history! I’ve had great feedback on my assorted set of drink coasters, depicting my tavern paintings. They are here:
    My handle is @spunkybohemian
    Thanks for this opportunity, Alyson!

  15. I have printed small editions of etchings from my bigger artist’s book projects. The etchings are available individually for those looking for something really special to hang on their wall or for a gift.
    My latest series is of shells but I still have my bird alphabet etchings and my hand-colored wildflower etchings available.
    All my prints are on sale for the month of December and can be purchased at my shop here:

    Also if you see a print on my site that isn’t in the shop, be sure to get in touch with me. I’m trying not to overwhelm my shop visitors with options and I make a lot of work!

    I’m @sarahnhorowitz on Instagram.
    Thank you!

  16. Thank you Alyson!!! Since George Floyd’s horrendous death, I’ve been doing portraits to honor people in this movement to change our country – George Floyd, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, John Lewis, etc. I’ve put those paintings on Pixels so folks can order a print or t-shirt. 50% of any profits will go to Southern Law Poverty Center. The link to order is

    My Instagram handle is: Robinwellner_artist or artistsforjustice2020.

    Thanks so much!!!

  17. What an awesome collection of treasures there are here! Thanks for this, Alyson 💛

    I’ve got a few different notecard sets on offer – the Botanical series began almost by accident, when I took a bundle of loose alcohol ink paintings and a couple of pens along in my suitcase to keep me occupied in a far away hospital while my husband had spinal surgery and recuperated. What started out as mindless doodles evolved into something special.

    There are six randomly selected notecards in each pack, and envelopes.

    I’m traceyhewitt on Instagram 😊

  18. Hi Alyson, this is great! Thank you! I am offering notecards featuring art from a collection of wet cyanotypes called the Solstice Notecard Set.


    Solstice Notecard Set
    Set of 8 notecards includes 2 each of 4 favorite wet cyanotypes from the Solstice Collection. They’re printed on high-quality white card stock, include brown kraft envelopes, and are banded with vellum and a hand-tied jute bow. The set comes packaged in a brown bakery bag sealed with a custom sticker. (No plastic packaging!) Perfect for your own correspondence or to pop into a gift bag.
    Card size: 4.5” x 6”
    A6 envelopes


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