Artists’ Gifts for Christmas (Curious Monday)

If you're like me, you still have a little (a lot?) of gifts to find for the people on your Christmas list.

So … let's help each other out.

What Are You Selling That Would Make a Great Gift?

Claudia True Cooking Calendar
Claudia True's Cooking with Friends 2017 Calendar

If you have been marketing something as a great gift for loved ones, please describe it and share a link to it in the comments. This might include:

  • Calendars
  • Journals
  • Reproductions
  • Cards
  • Books
  • <Fill in the blank>

Be detailed enough that we want to click and see. You're pitching your product.

Do it with gusto!

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73 thoughts on “Artists’ Gifts for Christmas (Curious Monday)”

    1. Marrianna Dougherty

      Claudia – your calendar is lovely. Your paintings are fun and so creative. Congratulations on being featured in this CURIOUS TUESDAY post. I’m on a “spending fast” but I think I can fit your calendar into my twice-a-month allowance for fun stuff just for me.

      I’m off to order a calendar.

    2. Marrianna Dougherty

      Hi Claudia – I couldn’t find the size of the calendar on your page. What size is the calendar when it is open and hanging on the wall, please?


  1. Every year I create a new ornament that I take with me to local holiday shows where I’ll also sell prints, cards, and some small original artwork. (The price point is usually low at these events but they are a great way to connect with potential clients and collectors!) This year I decided to use some of the many oil pastel drawings I’ve done in the recent past by cutting them up, adding words such as Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace (good xmas ornament words!), sealing them with matt medium, and sewing them to a fabric backing to frame them. The magnets are a smaller version with small words cut from magazines. People seemed to really enjoy them and I plan to try and sell the rest of them through my Facebook and Instagram pages.

  2. This year for the holidays, I’ve created some small sets of little square paintings. They are very valuable at this low price, you can choose to pick just one, or to buy a set of two as a diptych. Here is a link to the Happy Holidaze section in my etsy shop where they can be found. Each painting is just $40. Great for “gifts under $50”!

  3. Like a lot of artists I am making greeting cards off of Vista prints (making sure my website is on the back), putting 5 different ones in cellophane envelopes with a business card and my logo on the sealing sticker. These seem to be a great seller this time of the year and like someone else mentioned, it is a great way to cultivate future clients. I also give smaller packets to past buyers just to keep me in their thoughts 😉

    I also am exhibiting some older work at an upscale coffee shop whose space reads a bit like a gallery (big white walls) with the cards there, so I am not doing shows-too hectic with all my kids at home.

    I am enjoying what others are posting. Thank for doing Curious Monday Alyson, I always enjoy it, a great way to start my week!

    1. Oops! So much for being savvy about my PR Alyson! Here is my website… and I will hope on over to your FB to post my cards ASAP.

    2. Jim,Just wanted to say &qu;toThanks" for your time and effort – this blog has been a very real blessing to me many times. Have a great time of renewal.

  4. Hello Artists and Friends of Curious Mondays.
    I’m a first time poster here and thought I’d share my new art with you and the world. I’m a textile artist; small impressions from nature, made from; fabric, .thread and some paper, all framed in shadowbox style.
    The most important NEW thing is that I have the “square” which allows me to accept credit card. Very helpful for those that oooooooh & aweeeeeeeeee, must capture the moment of AWE.

  5. I have three holiday paintings that I I am giving away for FREE!!!! For signing up for my newsletter. They are 16×20 original mixed media. Sign up!

  6. Hi, I provide handmade lampwork glass pendants. Some of them are hollow, so you can carry things in them like essential oil, small keepsakes, notes/mantras, ashes,.. limited by your imagination and the size of the pendant. 😉 Others have implosion flowers, are heart shaped and more. I also have one of a kind marbles for the collectors out there.

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks! Have a wonderful holiday! 🙂

  7. Or for Chanukah or Kwaanza. Are you feeling traditional but don’t want to give something you’ll see everywhere? I have one of a kind earrings (two if you count each ear seperately) in my etsy shop. They vary from glamorous to cute to elegant. Each pair comes wrapped in tissue and tucked into an organza gift pouch. If you hate wrapping presents, I’ll do it for you at no charge. Just specify which holiday the recipient is celebrating. Birthdays too!

    Visit my etsy shop /shop/SilverDragon/

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  8. Since I am a painter and I don’t do craft shows, my Christmas “gift” is a card I make on my computer with images of recent paintings. I send this to those who have bought paintings in the past as well as to a range of connections… just a friendly gesture. I do a give-away painting when we have our community “DoorsOpen” event and I have an Open Studio.

  9. Since I have the blessing to have a studio/gallery – each December around 12/12 – we have the annual 12″x12″ art show in which local artists make art that is 12″x12″ geared towards lower price points that our local community can afford as gifts. In many cases these artists work are at bargain prices starting at $50 and going up. We have an artist reception and when we can we try to not sell the work until 12/12 at 12noon – this year that did not work out so we started selling at 12/4 at noon – already we have sold 5 pieces and we haven’t had the reception yet. We get a diverse number of works, in all different styles and mediums and people really enjoy being part of the show (many first timers). It is now an become an annual holiday show that many look forward to.

  10. Thanks so much, Alyson, for this opportunity!

    I’m a professional harpist but I also crochet with all natural fibers (mostly wool, plus alpaca, cotton, and sometimes silk) to make all-size ponchos with a collar or v-neck, pillow covers backed in linen, and small and large blankets. I love custom orders.

    I especially love working with other women who are makers themselves – harvesting their own fiber or dyeing that fiber, and doing their own thing in their own small way. I love supporting them by purchasing their fibers and making something beautiful out of it for you and your home. I’ve discovered some amazing ladies this way!

    My shop is KnotKnot Yarnables – and my Etsy shop is

    Though I’m currently based in Ohio, I’m trying to get to Colorado. 🙂 I’ll be at the Firefly Handmade Holiday Market in Boulder this coming weekend, Dec 10 & 11 – Such a fantastic gathering of creatives!

    It’s an interesting time of year, isn’t it? So much pressure along with the message to relax. Hoping my creations bring warmth and pleasure to whomever provides them homes this season. 🙂

  11. Thank you Alyson for providing this opp to share! I sell one-of-a-kind holiday pillow ornaments in my Ornamental Charm Series. Each features collectible vintage rhinestone buttons and French trim. They retail for $80, but I”m selling to ACSS members at 40% off for $48 plus shipping. They each come in a white gift box and have a gift tag. To get your discount, use code ACSS40 at checkout. Here’s the link:

  12. In the fashion world, animal prints are a trend that never falls out of favor, and leopard / jaguar motifs are exceptionally popular this season. So my favorite gift suggestion for fashionistas of all ages is my “Every Girl Needs A Jaguar” Petals to the Metal earrings. Not only are these earrings ultra-lightweight and beautiful to look at but they’re guaranteed conversation starters. Plus they’re unique enough that the wearer will never see her jewelry “coming and going!” These earrings are created using a proprietary13-step process that incorporates my own digital art. For the more extravagent spender, I also offer a matching necklace, which is linked to in the listing here:

  13. I don’t have a specific holiday offering, but I am offering Spirit Animal Portraits on commission.

    Would you like to have something in your workspace reminding you to show more of who you are?

    Something to anchor you in the hustle and bustle of running a business?
    I can help you by creating a piece of art to do just that: A portrait of your spirit animal.

    In addition to being something pretty, that may complete your workspace and provide an anchor, it can also serve as a reminder for you to show more of the true you, and be used as a focus for meditation.

    Imagine walking into your workspace and instead of feeling disconnected, directionless and lost you felt connected, clear, and focused.

    If you don’t know what your spirit animal is, we’ll sort that out during our conversation.

  14. I try to be less of a curmudgeon. Sometimes I’m successful. Other times, meh….

    The period between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is always a slow season for me, and, as a result, I get a lot of painting done.

    Merry What-have-you!

  15. I have so much beautiful Nicole Royer Art for gifting! Greeting cards of my Abstract paintings. Painted items – colorful handbags, silk ties, leather belts, journals, ceramic coasters. Jewelry – guitar string bracelets, suede necklaces, shrink film earrings. And original paintings of course! I’m also offering silhouettes.

  16. Thanks for the opportunity to share Alyson! This holiday season I chanced upon something new… architecturally inspired scarves and shawls. I thought since my art is architecturally inspired and is usually based on my own photos, I could use the photos to design and print my own fabric and make scarves. The first batch was quite successful, I only have two left! Tonight I am finishing up the second and final batch. I am selling them through Facebook ( ) and Instagram ( ) and at an art show this weekend. If there are any left I’ll add them to my Etsy ( ) shop along with calendars featuring details of my art.
    Happy holiday to all!!

  17. I have finally launched my All the Bandages ecommerce site for the holidays!
    All the Bandages is a virtual installation about empathy and compassion, composed of T-shirts. Each of these T-shirts is original and represents an individual. Each “bandage” sewn on with “scar tissue” stitches, represents a life and the struggle that person has overcome to continue on, wearing their baggage on the outside. Interested in wearing a piece of art in your everyday life? I encourage you to be part of the installation….

  18. Thanks for this great opportunity Alyson. I’ve started selling my original cartoon, musically inspired prints on my website. These are professionally digitally printed on 18.25″ wide by 10.75″ high aluminum substrates, approx. 1/8″ thick, with predrilled holes for easing hanging. These are currently on sale, ($10.00 off by using the coupon code MartyToonsFriday). I’ve been a music fan for a long long time, and have started to let my love of music influence my artwork. These are perfect of a fan of music, a musician, or even someone who appreciates off the wall, bright images with a retro feel.

  19. My biggest boost in sales during the holidays is for highly specialized customers– kidney transplant recipients and living kidney donors. As a recipient myself, I became entranced by the simplicity of organic kidney shapes. In honor of my own living donor, I’ve designed a line of meaningful jewelry to celebrate transplants and the remarkable people who make them possible. The top selling item so far this month has been my newest design, a set of two sterling silver, kidney shaped pendants. Each one symbolizes one wing of a butterfly, an ancient symbol of transformation. One pendant has a little kidney that has been “removed” and this is a gift to the donor. The other has a little kidney “added on,” and is for the recipient. They are packaged together in a gift box, on a card showing them as halves of a whole butterfly. I’m begun a new e-commerce website, along with an Etsy shop, more Facebook posts and Pinterest pins. They seem to be working together! This week, the butterflies are happily flying!

  20. I have been a quiet follower of this blog for a year, and I have learned so much through it and your pod casts Alyson. The information you provide is such a gift! Thank you.

    I am a full time artist and home schooling mom to a gaggle of budding artists. Both my oldest daughter and I are selling fine art note cards of our art through my etsy shop. I am a painter and a printmaker; my daughter is a fabulous photographer. Art note cards make wonderful gifts (who doesn’t need note cards?) and are also an inexpensive way to share fine art with the world! You can see our offerings at:

  21. Every year, well almost every year, I let my craftsy side loose and hand paint these abstract Christmas ornaments using glass paint and iridescent powders. I don’t have them online since I found an outlet for them locally in town and have sent my customers there. They are painted on the inside and then embellished a bit with the hanger. They officially have a name now….”Deck the Balls”. I created a mini video and put it on my Facebook page “RaeMarieGallery” and posted it in Instagram.(@raemariesart) In the meantime, I have been promoting my Playful Pet Portraits and working on getting them finished for my clients before the big day!

  22. From my pod site is my portfolio. It includes greeting cards, totes, prints, travel mugs, mugs, cushions, leggings, mini skirts etc

    I have on my website some oil pastels and some painting. (My art page needs a overhaul)

    Some art dolls at $AUD 50

    Cheapest is $AUD 220. This is one of my more positive ones. e-mail me at anitamorris [at] protonmail [dot] com for anything on my website

  23. Hi, Alyson,
    I’m behind popping onto the blog this week- trying to get some commissions done before Christmas! I hope it’s not too late to respond. There are two shows I do every December and I try to have new things for them. I paint all year long and have notes and prints made from the paintings. I also have magnets and bookmarks, and of course originals! Thanks for the opportunity to share!

  24. Hi Alyson,

    Thanks for this opportunity! I am an abstract artist creating hand stained paintings on wood and canvas. I also do mixed media. I am offering small 5 x 5 or 6 x 6 stain on deep edge canvas for under $75 and plan a New Years Sale for around the 1st which will have other discounts! This is a pretty new vibrantly colored wood stain product on the market and I’m proud to be a maverick artist creating with it!

    Happy Holidays!
    Susi Schuele

  25. Thank you Alyson for this great opportunity!
    I have a beautiful little book out this fall. Called SYLVAN REFLECTIONS: Wanderings, Paintings and Ponderings From the Forest, it’s about spending time in the forest. I am a painter, living in the wilds of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and I have a daily practice of walking in the forest. With this book I want to take you, the reader along with me on a walk in the woods. It is a collection of sixteen original oil paintings of the forest, and writings about the inspiration for the paintings, stories of animal encounters, meditations and contemplations on the experience of being human.
    Here are a couple of reviews:
    “This book is so beautiful, the artwork, poems, the journey through the forest, I love it. I really feel that I am journeying with the author through the forest. A true blessing.”, and
    “Inviting, inspiring, relaxing…a beautiful book of real art! Shipped quick.”

    My website is: where you can click on my Etsy shop to find the book for sale.

  26. This is my third year producing a calendar with my artwork. Most of it is plein air painting in pastel. I enter a lot of plein air competitions and many of the paintings in the calendar either won awards or are sold. I always send a calendar to those who bought the paintings, those who hosted me at these competitions, those friends and students who have helped and supported me during the year, and my mother and father (of course!). I have been making it through for a couple of years because they take care of the shipping if someone orders it from them. I think this year’s calendar is my best so far, with paintings done in Ohio, Texas, Maryland and Cuba among other places. keyWords=Ray+Hassard+Calendar&type=
    Sorry I can’t get this in as a direct link. How to do that? And thanks for the opportunity to post this, Alyson!

  27. Beautiful ideas, everybody! In the moment in my life what I share are my goodies, organic candied fruit as essential ingredient in my German bread, Christ Stollen. Is more a way to express my appreciation to family, friends, curators, and any people that were part of my landscape during the year.
    Merry Christmas!

  28. It’s probably too late to shop for Christmas, but I’ve got a great product for artists to use in the new year! I developed a workbook called “Head, Heart and Hands: Developing Your Creative Voice.” People ask me all the time how I settled into my own personal, recognizable style. So, I thought a lot about that and I put my ideas into this workbook. It includes exercises to fully explore how to use all three — your head, heart and hands — in your creative pursuits. There are prompts, lists, check lists, word-webs and other ideas for artistic exploration. Plus, follow-up tips for every exercise. It’s available as a pdf or a hard copy spiral bound book in my Etsy shop.

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Get a transcript of episode 182 of The Art Biz (Rethinking Mailing Lists for Artists) followed by a 3-page worksheet to evaluate the overall health and usage of the 3 types of artist lists.

Where can we send it? 

To ensure delivery, please triple check your email address.

You’ll also receive my regular news for your art business.

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