Google Insights Fine Tunes Your Art Website

Guest Blogger: John R. Math
Google Insights for Search (Google Insights) is a free tool used mostly by marketing and advertising professionals to research keyword and topic trends.
Artists can also benefit from using Google Insights. Let’s explore the advantages of Google Insights for marketing and promoting your art.
As an example, locate the Google Insights page and type in the search term “Abstract Art.”
Next, make this search for the Art and Humanities category, for the period of time of 2004 to the present (this time filter can be as short a span as the last 7 days).
The query (“Abstract Art”) reveals that the Top Searches terms are “abstract art paintings,” “abstract paintings,” and “abstract painting.” Further, this query also shows the top 3 Rising Searches to be “abstract painting techniques,” “abstract wallpapers,” and “abstract art definition.” (More on this below.) Google also provides, suggests, and ranks additional search terms for each of these search queries as well.
Google Insights allows you to compare these search queries by search terms, geographic locations, or time frames.
The search query can also be filtered and compared by:  1. Web Search. 2. Image Search. 3. News Search. 4. Product Search. Further, this information can be filtered by a Category Search or by All Categories. [See image #1.]

Google Insights
Google Insights #1: Various ways to filter your search

Uses for Google Insights

These filters provide detailed, up-to-date, and reliable search term information that can be compared and used for:

  • Keywords for art websites
  • Keywords for art blogs
  • Art blog topics
  • Keywords for title tags and page tags
  • Topic ideas for article content
  • Keywords for AdWords campaigns
  • Keywords for press release content

Keywords Trends

As mentioned above, Google Insights provides you with the “Rising Searches” for a particular search term as well. Rising Searches allow you to determine whether the search terms, related to the keyword, are either rising or falling (noticeable over time) in interest. [See image #2.]

Google Insights
Google Insights #2: Rising Searches in the right column

The Rising Search term suggestions can give you an edge over your competition if you decide to tweak your keywords and eliminate those that are falling in interest.
Google Insights also shows a graph titled Interest Over Time. This information is based on how many searches have been done for a particular search term, relative to the total number of searches on Google over a specific period of time. [See image #3.] This information is an adjunct to the Rising Searches information and may be more relevant to an advertiser but you can still use this data to gauge interest and relevance in certain search terms and with potential content topics.
Google Insights
Google Insights #3: Interest Over Time graph

Overall, Google Insights for Search is a research tool that can help you to fine tune your keywords with Google’s results and with their suggestions. Google Insights gives you the data to optimize all areas of your art marketing and art promotion in terms of topics, keywords and title tags. Take advantage of this little known tool and stay ahead of the curve in your art niche.

About the Guest Blogger
John R. Math is a successful art photographer who sells his work through art galleries and to the corporate art market.  He is also an art marketing consultant and operates a successful online art gallery that conducts monthly themed art competitions for new and emerging artists. John writes extensively about the art business, art marketing and photography. He is a regular featured writer for and and lives in Jupiter, Florida.

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7 thoughts on “Google Insights Fine Tunes Your Art Website”

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  2. As an artist in the position that you’ve described I’ve played around with some of these tools. And I appreciate your laying a couple of them out in such an easy to read manner.
    However I do want to add a word of caution for folks out there who might be thinking that they should follow your advice and choose keywords that are popularly searched for. My caution is that you don’t want people who are looking for wallpaper painting to find you if you’re a portrait artist, for example. Stick to search terms which exist and which describe what you’re providing. Overreaching is the worst mistake an unknown artists on the web can make.

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  7. Abstract Paintings

    Interesting post and very useful information. I have used Google insights in the past to test keywords like abstract paintings, oil paintings, pastel paintings and so on. Personally I like Google adwords keyword tool. With such massive quantities of information I sometimes think how much of this is really accurate. Thanks for the info, can never know enough about anything these days 😉

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