Got good brochure ideas?

Photographer John Vias wrote with this quandary: "PsPrint has a 20% discount on brochures this month and I was thinking of creating one. But I don't recall seeing good ones so I have an idea of what they might look like."

First, thanks for the heads up, John. I'm sure everyone is glad to know about the sale!

Second, I confess that I haven’t seen a lot of artist brochures that I love.

Does anyone have pictures of their printed brochure online so that John (and the rest of us) can see an example or two? Be sure to leave the full URL.

Image (c) John Vias, Ferry Building Arches.

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4 thoughts on “Got good brochure ideas?”

  1. Here’s a great idea I got from Ringling College of Art and Design’s Center for Career Services. Try POSTCARDS! I never thought to do that before, but it’s actually a great leave-behind and an easy way to make a big impression quickly. I’ve found that the more you give them to read, the less likely they are to read it. Keep it short and sweet – after all, they’re looking at the art, not your creative writing skills (per se)! Modern Postcard ( has some great examples online and will send you a set of samples. They will also send you software to set the colors on your screen to an exact match of their printers. How many of us have had THAT proofing nightmare before? They also have a 20% off discount going if you order by the end of June. Check them out. Good luck!

  2. I highly recommend instead of Modern Postcard. The cost is about 40% of MP and the quality of the printing is significantly better. Whenever I do a side by side comparison with a MP card, the Overnight Prints card always wins, hands down. The service is excellent and they do smaller quantities (although it’s not too cost effective to do this). Send for their free sample package to see the quality. The graphics designers who helped me with my marketing materials were very skeptical at first. They thought something must be wrong because the prices were way too low. They have since thanked me and are now using this printer for their own company’s materials. No affiliation, just a customer.

  3. A agree about using postcards from Overnight Prints. They rock!! We haven’t ordered postcards yet, but they sent us a bunch of free samples and they were outstanding! We get our business cards from them and they are super high quality (you can even have part of the business card glossy (like the images) & the rest matte, which is a very cool look. People compliment us on them all the time and they’re prices are way affordable!!

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