After nearly five years of writing the Art Marketing Action newsletter, I finally (!) applied for an ISSN from the Library of Congress (LOC). This number is different from the ISBNs on my e-books. It's strictly reserved for serial publications and registers your newsletter with the LOC.

I urge artists who are putting out meaty newsletters with great content to do this. It's free of charge. Don't wait like I did. It's far too easy!

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2 thoughts on “Got ISSN?”

  1. Alyson – What is the advantage of registering with the LOC and getting an ISSN? I’m an author of several books and understand the ISBN as the individual number that identifies your book so that any wholesaler, distributor, library, or bookstore can order it. What is the purpose of the ISSN? It seems like the major advantage is that libraries can identify it and order it easily. Would that be necessary for an electronic newsletter? What do you think?

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