Restart Your Intentions for 2012

The year is half over. Are you halfway through accomplishing your intentions for 2012?
Don't sweat it if you're not. There's still time!

Angela Canada-Hopkins
©Angela Canada-Hopkins, Cell #4. Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 inches. Used with permission.

Start Over

Just start over. Right here, right now. Let July be a fresh start for you.
Let's talk income goals since this is a business blog.
How much do you need/want to make in the remainder of 2012?
What are the specific things you need to do in order to achieve that? Do you need to . . .

  • Make more art? Exactly how much more art? Then you'd better make sure you put in your studio time. What's standing in the way of quality studio time and how can you eliminate the barrier?
  • Diversify your offerings? Would smaller work sell better? What do you need to do/change in order to diversify?
  • Add another venue or two? Get out there and secure your spots.
  • Resurrect that newsletter you let lapse? What are the steps for publishing a newsletter and what timelines can you attach to them.
  • Just get better about staying in touch with your contacts? What's keeping you from sharing your art with people? Is your database in order? Do you have an email platform in place? Do you need to set reminders?

What do you need to do in order to finish the year on a high note?

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This program emphasizes your limited capacity. It’s not about balance. 

It’s about being fulfilled—about enjoying the life of an artist. To do that, you seek to optimize how you spend your precious time.

It’s not a social media course and it’s not about posting more!

3 thoughts on “Restart Your Intentions for 2012”

  1. I’m an art writer so my goal is to get artists excited about my features on them. I actually put a lot of effort researching artists’ backgrounds, inspirations, etc. but you’ll be surprised how few artists care about a fuller coverage, even ones with little media exposure. Having worked with artists before in a gallery, there’s definitely a stigma marketing their art is detracting from their loftier and purer purpose to make more art.

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