Halfway “Success List”

Cheryl Richardson’s newsletter today reminded me that we are now half-way through the year (week 26). Among other things, she issued her weekly “Take Action Challenge”:

Make a list of at least five positive changes you've made so far this
year. Open a file on your computer right now labeled "My Success List" and put the five items on the list (add it to a prior list if you've done this before :).  It's extremely important to put this list in writing. By doing so you send a message to yourself that you're worth the time and energy And, when your self-worth increases, the world responds accordingly. You become a magnet for better life experiences.

I confess that I don’t usually take action on these newsletters, but this one seemed worthwhile. Fortunately, I have a monthly report to my coach that I could go back and look over. The list, indeed, did make me feel good. Highlights:

  • Started Art Marketing Action Circles
  • Closing in on completion of book proposal
  • Finished CTM in Toastmasters
  • Hired a housekeeper, editor, and virtual assitant (These were biggies for me. It’s always a big deal to ask for help.)
  • Started reorganization of online classes (just introduced the first one!)

Are you up for the challenge? What does your 26-week “Success List” look like?

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3 thoughts on “Halfway “Success List””

  1. – my first two person exhibition – gained gallery representation in a different state – re-designed my website – started an online art forum – received my first art review

  2. – my first published work – my first exhibition – started designing my website – started my first LARGE piece – organized all paperwork/business things

  3. -Got my first gallery representation -Redesigned my web page -became a board member of a non-profit art org -taught my first art class -made a significant artistic breakthrough

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