February 21, 2007 | Alyson Stanfield

Hear it straight from the gallery dealer’s mouth

If you missed tonights free teleseminar on the artist-gallery relationship with Paul Dorrell, not to worry. It's now available to listen to.

I'm also offering Paul's book, Living the Artist's Life, for just $13.50 (including shipping) until March 5. It normally retails for $16.95.

Take advantage: Paul Dorrell interview and book.

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  • Oh, thank you, thank you! I have work and am committed to events on Wednesdays and Thursdays when you have your teleseminars, and I was especially sad that I was going to miss last night’s. Thank you so much for offering the recording!

  • Thanks for this Alyson and Paul, it was great. I couldn’t do the call with the time differences and being in Australia. I was happy to get to listen anyway.

  • Margret Short

    Dear Alyson and Paul, Thank you for a most informative teleconference. The format of these events is structured such that every minute is very beneficial and enjoyable. Paul Dorrell’s was no exception. I particularly found the dialogue about gallery vs. artist percentages very good. It clearly shows the work and risk the galleries must take to stay in business, from an insider’s perspective. Can’t wait until the next one, Margret Short

  • Julie Thompson

    Thank you oh so much, Alyson and Paul! This was a wealth of information, and I’m so happy I can listen again with the recording you provided. I, too, am looking forward to the next interview. :)

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