Her gesture of appreciation has made me a fan for life

RainmudwildgreenA few weeks ago I shared a post from musician Christine Kane’s blog with my Art Marketing Action Inner Circle members. As with many of Christine’s posts, it had insight that was of equal value to visual artists, musicians, poets, writers, and dancers. A number of Inner Circle members flocked to Christine’s blog and she took notice. (Thanks to Julie Thompson for first sharing Christine's blog with me.)

Yesterday, I opened a small mailer from Christine. She sent me my very own copy of her CD “Rain and Mud and Wild and Green” with a short, handwritten note of appreciation for sending people to her blog. Now, I’m a fan for life! I’m playing the CD right now and can’t wait to listen more closely to the words. It’s a beautiful album and I'm crazy about the title.

This was a simple thing for her to do, but it did take time and effort. She’s just as busy as the rest of us. But she knows how important it is to say thank you in order to cultivate raging fans. And she was genuine in her appreciation.

So, here’s my question . . . What can you do to create fans for life like Christine has done with me?

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5 thoughts on “Her gesture of appreciation has made me a fan for life”

  1. I was one of those who flocked to her blog, where I was amazed and floored not only by her insight, but her music as well. I spent over 2 hours on and off there, listening to cuts of her marvelous creations, and rereading portions of her blog. I wrote to several friends telling them that I thought I was in love (again!). Her response to your mention was a class act totally in keeping with the feeling in her music and her advice. What a remarkable person, and what a lot I have to learn from both of you.

  2. Mary Emma Allen

    So true, Alyson, handwritten notes (even without a gift) are truly appreciated and relatively rare these days. I can understand how Christine has made a fan of you.

  3. Mary Richmond

    people love to be appreciated and remembered. i give out little sets of cards and tiles for the holidays to all the people who have helped me in the previous year. many of them go to my favorite coffee shop lady, the maintenance man who goes out of his way to help me, the UPS driver who faithfully and carefully delivers all my stuff….as well as editors, shop owners, designers who refer work to me, etc. During the year I send gifts to people who refer people to me as well. it’s fun and it’s easy and people tell me all the time what they did with the gift, how much they enjoyed it, etc. Since the gift is something I’ve made…it serves to remind them of my work, too. Christine is a good marketer as well as a wonderful artist and person!

  4. Love this idea! I have been lucky to get noticed by a very influential person and I want to create more opportunity with them. This is a great idea to do that.

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