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Did you send a holiday greeting that is posted in a public space online?

Leave a link to your greeting in a comment with some words that will entice us to visit and take a look.

Share any resources you have such as printers, special papers, and envelope companies.

My Cards

Ellen Soffer, Sea
On the front of our personal Happy New Year card. Β©2010 Ellen Soffer, Sea. Oil on canvas, 40 x 30 inches.


Ellen Soffer, Window Pane
On the front of my business New Year card. Β©2011 Ellen Soffer, Window Pane. Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 inches.











My holiday greetings (always New Year’s for me – always snail mail) feature the art of Ellen Soffer.

They were printed at PS Print on 13 lb. recycled matte cover and have an interior message.

Thanks to Leah Virsik for sending me a postcard of her work – I fell in love with the paper it was printed on and asked her for details.)

I ordered “Blu Raspberry” and “Razzle Berry” Pop-Tone envelopes from Envelope Mall.
The backs have complete credit lines in large enough letters to actually read!

Your turn.

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57 thoughts on “Get a Free Link by Giving Us a Peek at Your Holiday Greeting”

  1. SendOutCards is a great tool! that I use throughout the year for both personal and business.
    You can upload your images, create a card campaign in your contact list, and they will print it, send it and you can add a gift if needed. This year we (my cousin and author, I am the illustrator) created a 3 panel greeting card for our children’s book Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings: when someone you love has cancer… a hopeful, helpful book for kids for our list.
    For my studio art and personally, I have a blog post.
    Have a joyful holiday everyone, and thank you Alyson for a great idea, and all that you do to empower others!

  2. I also send New Year’s cards snail mail. I am using this image on my card this year: . This image started out as a Hanukkah ink drawing / painting. I was very happy with it so I added a Peace quote and a Christmas tree and will now use it as my card and the December page on my Calendar. I get everything printed at Modern Postcard: I love their quality, I can get square cards and a square calendar. I am getting 50 calendars printed out to send to folks who collect my art, my family and Alyson of course who as we all know is very special. This year I made my calendar from my Ink drawings (doodles)…a different one for each month. Each page also has a quote. Modern postcard will make them 8×8. I love square these days. And….for fun…Heidi (my partner) & I also made a funny video where we just put our faces on… to email out because we needed a good laugh. Here is the video:
    Happy Holidays to Alyson and everyone.

  3. My greeting at is somewhat of a mea culpa because I was suddenly feeling so meditative that I didn’t want to post a “real” lesson. But the greeting card is sincere: I wish everyone of my readers a year of light and love! You too Alison – joy to you and all those you love this season.

  4. Thanks to your advice Alyson, I hand-wrote 100 postcards using this image (called Always on my Mind). VistaPrint was quick to deliver and I created the postcard with my contact info on the back. For those who live in my area I mentioned that my work (including this piece) will be showing at our local theatre for the first six months of 2012.
    Here is also my last blog post of 2011:
    Have a happy holiday and thanks for all your great help!

  5. I have not had time to do cards in several years, but even so, I am hoping to send out a card featuring my art that I am still working on. I will be printing them out on my Epson printer onto printer greeting card stock. If time permits I will be painting individual cards for certain people. I hope to get cards out for the New Year. Given that the art is not finished, it isn’t anywhere on the internet. Besides, even if it was finished I wouldn’t put it up until I had sent out the cards. It’s more of a surprise that way.
    Cheers and Happy Solstice everyone!

  6. Santa Clause plays a big part in Christmas HO HO HO! Enjoy the look of fur around Santa’s hat and tassel. I sketched each card then painted with watercolor. I signed my name on the back of the card.
    Christmas Palette was sketched and outlined with a black Sharpie. Check out the brush holding the palette and dripping red paint.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    1. Kieren: Valentines are great! I’m sure they stand out better. And I love your painting. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Patty: I was going to add “balance” to your list, but your blog doesn’t allow for non-Blogger comments and I like to leave my own URL with my comments. That’s a setting you might want to change. Thank you for sharing your list. I just tweeted it.

    2. Yipes, that explains a few things…
      Thanks, I’ll get it fixed asap!! Happy Holidays Alyson, and thanks so much for your support for working artists!

    1. So curious as to WHY giraffes? Because they are unexpected?
      Seems like I received a giraffe greeting from someone else. Maybe something is in the air!

  7. Here is a link to my holiday greeting. It has to do with an 19th century murder and the “bird man of alcatraz”. They are printed on found paper cut to the perfect 4″ x 6″ and used a hand proofer for the text, handmade rubber stamps and a digital copy of an 18th century engraving. I sent them as postcards, with a link to the site if anyone was interested in the strange combinations. Thanks for taking a look.

    1. Patricia: I’m a sucker for everything letterpress. But you turned your letterpress into something easier to print for the greeting, yes?
      And now we have to know how a murder became the subject of a holiday greeting. πŸ˜‰

    1. Betty: I’m not sure they have all recycled stuff. Did you find it there? On Envelope Mall?

    1. The picture I used in my holiday e-mail is a watercolor I painted called “Birch Reverie”. The original is for sale now at a local pop-up gallery in Winooski, Vt.
      Here is the link:
      The pop-up gallery has been successful this year and is expertly organized by kasini house.
      Here is the link:
      I composed my e-mail using Microsoft Publisher and saved it as an html file for my e-mail. I also saved it as a .jpg and this was used for the Facebook import. I’m happy with the way the picture looks on the screen.

  8. I painted a snow scene of my crepe myrtles on a 6″ x 6″ square canvas panel. I realized later that I wanted to make into a 6 ” x 4″ Christmas card. I stretched the image in photo shop to get the look I wanted. I sent it to Vista Print and added a greeting on the inside. A week later I started addressing my Christmas cards to friends and family.

  9. I created a Christmas Card and a postcard, as well as a blog post
    that I sent out on my personal and private fb pages.
    This pastel painting of a buck in bold colors is called “fire and ice” due to the treatment of the background. It was an experimental painting that I’m very pleased with….wasn’t intentionally done as a Christmas Card, but seemed to fit perfectly, a happy accident, so there you go!
    Would not have done any of this without all your help and encouragement this year. Thank you for all you do Alyson, and have a fabulous 2012!
    Merry Christmas!

  10. Peggy Stermer-Cox

    Hi Alyson! I hope you have a festive holiday! What a fun blog posting. I’m having fun looking at the ideas and comments left by everyone; such a creative community. I posted a kitty, (well KittyKlaus) to my blog ( I’m emailing the image to my family and friends just for fun. I’m also doing a New Year’s Mailing. But, this one I’ll do with a different image and send it out snail mail to my contact list. It’s fun. And, thank you! Happy 2012!

    1. Cathy: That’s perfect. And you can see that I chose abstract, too. Of course, mine are New Year’s greetings, so that helps. I think abstract is a nice twist.

  11. I wanted to draw a critter sleeping all cuddly in their home β€” this came out:
    I did it fast in photoshop, which is good practice for me πŸ™‚
    it’s on my blog and I linked it to my facebook page, sent it out to the twitter-verse and emailed it individually to clients, fam + friends.
    Thanks everyone for sharing their Holiday Greetings~ Merry Christmas!!
    2012 is going to be great, I can feel it πŸ™‚

    1. That’s a great story, Aaron! I was going to leave a note, but I didn’t want to leave my FB login there. Is that the only way to comment on your blog?

  12. This is my online Christmas Card to my fellow artists and friends on
    I have such good friends on the website.

    1. Thanks, Alyson. Looked at lots of my photos for a Christmas image before realizing that the live poinsettia right in front of me was the perfect one! Appreciate the compliment.

    1. Norma: It would be great if you could share the direct link to your page – IF it’s a public page and not your profile.

  13. This year I sent out greetings via my other love- the gift of music. I’m a visually impaired artist and aspiring singer, and for a while put out a little podcast called Eclectica. So to greet my FB page’s visitors and wish them happy holidays, I shared my podcast’s holiday episode. πŸ™‚ That way they could browse my art, surf the web, and just ring in the holidays with a fabulous, merry new soundtrack. πŸ™‚

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