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I'm getting way too many emails lately asking me about past newsletters and blog posts. The fact is that I can't be a librarian day in and day out. You need to be able to either keep stuff you think you're going to need (use a social bookmarking tool like or learn to search for it. So my new response to these kinds of questions is to tell people how to do a search rather than doing it for them. You know . . . give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. From hereon out, I'll just be pointing them to this blog post so they can fish for a lifetime of art business advice.

Here goes.

To search on this blog, go to Google and type in: artbizblog along with your search terms. For instance,  < artbizblog "mailing lists" > if you want to search the blog for things I've written on "mailing lists."

To find past issues of the newsletter, go to the newsletter blog. If you need to dig into the more distant past, you can go to the archives. Newsletters are archived by date AND by subject category (check out the choices in the columns or at top). Yes, you may have to search, in which case . . .

Head back to Google to search for previous newsletters. Type in: artbizcoach along with your search term, just as you did in the blog search.

Yes, I know I need Google searches on the blog and Web site. I promise they'll come. But in the meantime, trust me. This works! I use it all of the time to find stuff on my sites. And the bonus is  you can use the same trick for other sites.

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4 thoughts on “How to find stuff here and on”

  1. Thanks Alyson, but can you tell me where I left my keys:) I use Picosearch on my main commercial site. It costs a bit, but it is super easy to embed, and the query stats are interesting when I have time to look at them. If anyone knows of a free search embed solution without ads I would love to switch.

  2. Thanks, I didn’t know I could search it like that!! I have already bookmarked this post to go back to when I’m ready to search!

  3. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Rebecca, I’m surprised since you’re on Blogger that you don’t have a Google search on your site. Allison: Yea! I taught you to fish!

  4. Hi Alyson, I showed this post to my web geek while we were trying to figure out how to move forward. He said- Yup- that’s exactly what to do- connect everything, get your newsletter going etc. As usual you are an inspiration. Thanks- liza

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