I Digress for a Personal Invitation

On Friday, November 24, I invite you to watch:

"I Shouldn't Be Alive: Trapped Under the Ice"
10 p.m. EST

This is a Discovery channel show about an experience my Dad and brother had north of the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Their raft was caught in the ice, turned over, and they lost everything. They were stranded with no food, warm clothing, or shelter for four days.

My dad said they’re going to have to do a lot of embellishing to make it interesting because he “stared at his navel” for four days! I'm very anxious to see it as it includes interviews with my family and reenactments of their harrowing experience.

By the way, we were never worried, because it happened just hours into their trip and we didn’t expect to hear from them for a week. So, we didn’t know anything was wrong until they were rescued. And their rescue was quite accidental.

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