I have a hole in my head (more on your finances)


Today is Wednesday. It’s Anti-Procrastination Day! And this particular Wednesday is a day for true confessions.

I have been so busy with my book and traveling for workshops that I have neglected my finances. I must have a hole in my head instead of my wallet. Don’t do as I do! Do as I say. The more you pay attention to your finances on an ongoing basis, the less of a headache it is when the time comes to figure them all out.

If you’re like me, you forget details. After a month, you have to completely reconstruct events and fall even further behind.

My usual day for dealing with my financial books is Friday afternoon, which is supposed to bring me peace of mind for a restful weekend. That rarely happens. But when it does, life  is so sweet! Then I can spend Anti-Procrastination Day on other stuff.

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3 thoughts on “I have a hole in my head (more on your finances)”

  1. I have soooo been meaning to blog about this – but more so WHY we procrastinate and why it I do it all the time. I mean I am good at getting work done (own business selling ceramic keepsakes – i do all the art) that I need to do. Great blog, need to link to it and book mark!

  2. I wrestle with this constantly! Rather than put off the dread act of financial management (I genuinely dread and fear it), I schedule it for Mondays (“Money-day”), but all too often find a way to put it off… and off… and off… and just what you say happens. It takes so long to reconstruct things, it takes even longer. But it is a discipline that is absolutely necessary, so I try to attack it as best I can, do my best to reframe it in a positive light in my mind, and keep current. It’s a form of training-it doesn’t come easily, and won’t happen overnight, but hopefully with time I’ll build a habit which will become a lifestyle. A key is to take advantage of as many automation features as possible. I now download all my bank transactions to Quicken, and just have to input the categories. This saves enormous amounts of time that I actually used to spend inputting the info by hand. And auto bill-paying through my bank has been a huge time saver.

  3. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Todd: I used to do mine on Mondays, but I found it was a rotten way to start the weekend. Frankly, I do them on Friday afternoons so I can have a glass of wine afterward if I like. Make it a celebration!

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