Idea for your invitations

I love this exhibit invitation I received from Ron White.

It's a note card with one of his beautiful images on the front and the reception information on a separate sheet of paper (along with his business card).

Because he didn't print on the note card, I can reuse the card and help him promote his art
. Conveniently, it has his information and Web site on the back of the card–in probably a 14-point font–large enough so you can't ignore it.

So, I get a free card and he gets extra publicity. Win-win!

He might have considered adding at the bottom of the insert something along the lines of this: "Please send this note card with my photography on it to a friend who might enjoy it." Always be asking!

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8 thoughts on “Idea for your invitations”

  1. This is something everyone should do. I’ve been doing similar for many years now. Whenever I make a sale online or from the gallery, I include a card and envelope but only write a thank you note on a separate slip of stationary. I regularly hear comments about the beautiful card a friend had sent, with my business information on the back. I do the same again after a showing – whenever someone spends good money for my work I later send a thank you note on a separate slip of stationary inside a card…I usually include an envelope, and I slip the card and envelope inside a larger envelope so I don’t have to write on the original card’s envelope. This way they are encouraged to reuse it. A real nice touch is to make the card with the image they purchased on it’s front. All the information on the card image is printed on the card’s back with my business information. I’ve found the customer likes to send it to show off what they’ve purchased! Once you’ve set up a card program on your computer, it only takes about 5 minutes to reset with a new image and retype new image info on the back…then let it print while you work on other business.

  2. Good points all! But it is also VERY smart for the artist to do this since he can have a large quantity of cards printed and use them again, only changing the insert. A good plan in these times.

  3. Alyson B. Stanfield

    Bruce: Great! And a good idea not to forget the extra envelope. Ron didn’t do that, but I think he just might do it in the future. What do you mean by “card program”? Is there a specific program you use? I guess you have to have a larger envelope to mail everything in, but just slightly larger.

  4. Hi Alyson, You just did three wonderful things with this post: 1. Helped me promote my art in a more original and personal way. 2. Saved me a ton of money over one-occasion-only postcards. 3. Got me to make my first spontaneous blog comment (ie., not one required by one of your classes.) Thanks and thanks and thanks.

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